I knew it was going to be a great day

we were on our way out of town

saw this huge Tigger

he was over three feet tall

and he was sitting

sitting on this kitchen table

I told Bob "hey look at that Tigger"

he turns around

goes back

and buys it for us

he asked "how much"

the lady said "make me an offer"

Bob said "$10.00"

the lady said "sold"

can you believe it

so now I have on my bed

a 32" stuffed Kermit

now he has a friend

this huge Tigger

aint life grand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

in honor of my partner... he will do anything to see me smile...

and to Tigger.... you know Tiggers a wonderful thing.....

and Tiggers are 'pose to scare you

he is huge.... and I guess even this one might scare you....

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