fires ignite

hollowing the insides

making it hard

for you to survive

a sign of the Great Spirit

you stand proudly

in a forest of redwoods

a chimeny worthy of heaven

old age, fire, wind and rain

forces that can take your life

fallen giants lie decomposing

releasing their stored up energy

a sign of the Great Spirit

where you once stood head in the clouds

offspring from your root structure grow

some already centuries old

2,000 years old


the sparker of intrest

you were so popular

a sign of the Great Spirit

some one was listening your life saved

home is Big Basin Redwoods State Park

I am in awe of your history

standing taller than any other

is known as Mother-Of-The-Forest

standing 329 feet magnificent sight

your beauty can take my breath

a sign of the Great Spirit

fires might have attacked

but you are healing nicely

amazing adding new layers of wood

today I walked in the presence

of nothing other than the Great Spirit

trees burned now adding new layers of wood

what else can make that happen

a sign of the Great Spirit

beautiful Steller's Jay

gregarious and loud voiced bird

brilliant blue body and nearly black head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Saturday April 21st my honey and I walked along the path and had some nice views of some of the most beautiful trees in the world....

the magnificant California Redwoods.... should you ever make it to this state.... it would be worth your time to see some of these trees....

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