tempers flaring

like the fires of hell

words from out of the blue

personalities changing

getting in the way of your life

watch out you might crash and burn

dark spirit

trying to suck up my energy

just like that old energy vampire

may you fall short of your mission

may you never win our souls

may you be exposed for what you are

may you never get your claws into me

I have faith that I can stand up to you

I have faith that my soul is safe

I have faith that you will be exposed

I have faith that things will be better soon

I don't wish to burn in the fires of hell

I don't wish anything bad on you

I don't want to see us torn apart

I don't want to deal with this crap

so while tempers might flare again

know that I will not keep my mouth shut

you hit me on my blind side

sorry I was unaware that things were so bad

why don't you take a long swim

putting out the flames that burn so deep

take a minute and think about how it looks

you running around like you think you are GOD

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something I had to get out.....

you know how I am... I just write what is in my heart and mind....

so hang in there with this one.....

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many years later.


Many years later I am back and the first thing I read is "Fires of Hell" I feel as though I am again at this point with my life. You always manage to put into words feelings of, not just your own, how others are reacting at times. Thank you for sharing. I never gave up on you. Linda