we all make mistakes

never thinking of how they effect others

we all make choices that might not make sense

those that love us try to deal with them the best they can

we all make mistakes

sometimes we make the same one over and over

why is it that we do that

do we have what I call a brain fade

forgetting that we have already been down that crappy road

we all make mistakes

living a life of denial

trying to make things work that have never before

WAKE UP PLEASE see what you are doing to those that love you

live a life of your own

stand on your own two feet

make a mistake then you deal with it

we all make mistakes

some of us learn and some of us just go through the motions

sit and think for a minute about what you are doing

no one can be that blind or heartless

you have to know that your actions are breaking our hearts

we all make mistakes

some of which can never be made right again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for those that live life in a fantasy world.... they make a mistake then want someone else to clean up the mess they have left.....

get a clue, stop living in a world of denial......

you are smarter than that.... or at least you should be.....

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pudnsis1's picture

Renee', You go girl. Mistake? Is that an oops? Anyhow, I agree wholeheartedly. I am one of the biggest oops I know. Or at least to hear some people tell me so. I have learned a lot thru you and all the friends here that mistakes are human and yes we learn from them and hopefully never fall prey again. Thanks for sharing. your friend Linda

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Yes, we do all make mistakes but at least the majority of us learn from them... not so with all but! Great read! Roz :)

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Renee' I finally found this poem. I thought originally that "Mistake' was your new post, but then I came across this today, and realized that you have 2 poems with the first word "mistake" lol kind of goes with the theme to this one...lol I know where this poem came from, and where it is going...sad that there people that do everything for these folks and they still aren't getting the big picture! Well, I am holding out hope for both of us :) Keep the faith, sister!! Good write~~! Hit it where it needed to be hit!