They call this the land of plenty

but it seems when I get to the store

they just don't seem to have any

of the things I need or want

stores are open it seems 24-7

you can get just about anything

people here think it's heaven

but I don't think it's that great

give me an open field on a warm day

and time to spend sitting with just me

but here for anything close you pay

there are crowds no matter where you are

the freeways have their times as well

cars bumper to bumper like a car lot

I tell you, some days it is hell

to get from one exit to the next

to get things all straight in my head

I long for some serious down time

I am starting to feel just like the living dead

just the way it is at time I guess

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a little something that hit me on my way to work....

took me five minutes to go less than a city block.... at 6:40 in the morning....

stop the madness.... and give me a break.....LOL

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Is there anything you cant write about??? I doubt that one very much. Interesting read! Roz :)

Michelle Noel's picture

Hey Renee....this poem reminds me of my days in So. like the 5 freeway during rush hour. I notice your poetry starting to change in style and form....actually I like it alot. I like the versatility that you have. Michelle

gentle's picture

Well, this one was definitely true to life!!! I am so glad I ride the bus... smilz: Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Kristine Snow's picture

Renee, I have a friend who recently moved from NH to San Diego...bought a car and had some work done it...drove it 5 days and it caught on fire on the freeway! Cops tried to give her a ticket - for obstructing traffic! I love it - how stupid. She certainly did not do it on purpose. Traffic is her big complaint also. (And by the way, she is coming back to NH as quickly as she can!) Kris

Melvin Lee's picture

HAhaha...i like the satirical and slightly whimsical voice here, Renee.....and wonderful choices of rhyming's pretty seldom that u rhyme , huh?~! Smilesz... A most refreshing change.... thanxs~!