We hang our heads in sorrow

as we finally start to believe

that this really happened

not just some trick of tomorrow

Dale Earnhardt is dead

can't seem to get that to register

I still think I'll see him

for he was a true thoroughbred

a man among men and smile ever present

a gentleman to all that knew him

a friend to those he challenged

I'm sure soon we'll see a monument

for a man that meant so much

to many that he knew first hand

and to those of us he never met

his car and him ...that would be a nice touch

with the racing angels may he rest

for he deserves a special place

to watch the races to come

and know that he was the best

Author's Notes/Comments: 

GOOD BYE DALE...... may we feel your presence at the next big race...... we will miss you....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee A poem written from the heart, this is plain to see! A beautiful work that is penned down well. Roz :)

Tim Marshall's picture

GOOD poem,a brother taurus in the stars of things,he's where we are going and Going that fast in two way's is a blessing within it's own blessing O3 L&P

Robertpaullocke's picture

I understand your mourning and sadness, but I dont think it fair that dale should be treated like a God and then when other unknown racers who die as well do not get the same type of treatmeant as Dale did. I'm not saying his death isnt a tradgity sorry about the spelling but I just wish all the drivers deaths would be treated the same. No one wrote a poem about Andy petty. And what about those other three guys who died last year? Where there any national mourning for them? Like I said. I'm not insulting the memory of Dale but dont you think Dale would want those other guys to have the same treatment? I loved the poem though.

Farah D's picture

beautifully written. Sentiments I am sure would be shared by many.

Abritelite's picture

very true thoughts of many at this time, you put it beautifully ... written from the heart :)