Who will win

on this island of sin

temptaion all around

beautiful women

there for the men

hunks of bronze

picked special for the ladies

men and women were picked

to play on an island

with just the right atmosphere

just right to temp

even the strongest of men

soon this will all come to an end

I wonder who will win??????

My mind wonders to the final cost

is it worth all the pain

what if you get your heart broken

will you still win in the end?

I believe that these are some troubled souls

why would you want to purposefully

temp someone with their wildest dreams?

Reality shows are pushing the envelope it seems

from a frat type house called Big Brother,

then the island show Survivor don't forget.

Now we have another Survivor taped some months back

then the Temptation Island or as I call it Island of Idiots

I just laugh when I see them cry, they went into this

knowing the rules but don't want them in their face.

I wish them well in the end

hoping that they get the answers they seek

they will be replaced really qucikly

with some new game show of the week.

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee I liked this one heaps too. I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would put themselves through so much punishment as they did in this show.. it was pathetic. Roz

Edwin Robinette's picture

Good poem and I agree(love the island of idiots wording)!! Producers can't come up with something better to watch?! This is poor tv for sure! Oh well, I'll listen to some good sounds on the radio instead!!! LOL