I have a few little cars I like

they go by the name Matchbox.

I can afford anything I want

and carry them home in my sock.

They can be like a normal thing

or something painted to meet your needs.

I have the Black prowler with red interior.

When I look at it I think of the song "Dirty Deeds".

I have several of these little fine rides

I see them and buy them on a whim.

But what the hell they don't cost that much

so that part is not even grim.

They make me laugh when I think

that these are real cars.

They just sit here by monitors

never wrecking or leaving scars.

I also have some from HotWheels

and they are as wild as can be.

I just had to get the M&M's racer car

To complete a set you see.

I just love any of these little cars

they are just a kick to have on hand.

You can draw inspiration from some it seems

you can drive right into dreamland.

Just something I like to pass my time

I love all sorts of little toys.

They make for interesting conversations

which you must know I really enjoy.

Well I am off to the land of possibility

where dreams really can come true.

If your willing to see from the minds eye

close your eyes for a killer preview.

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Winnie Kwok's picture

Wow!!! I've read a number of your poems and they all have meaning beyond words. I REALLY enjoyed this part: "Well I am off to the land of possibility where dreams really can come true." I loved it! Awesome work!! Thanks for your critique as well! You couldn't imagine how nervous I was when I received my first "PostPoems Critique". Thank you. I'll keep checking in on your poems!

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, the only car I can own and operate right now (without getting arrested or worse!) is my Hot Wheels car. Andy's mom got me one last Christmas; a pretty maroon Corvair. I kept it in my purse at all times; I love that thing and I love this poem. :)

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee This one was a cute read! I always tell my man that I will buy him the sporty little car he has always wanted..... only in Matchbox version! lol Thanks for sharing Roz

gentle's picture

I have only one word for this piece.... CUTE!!!!! I am picturing you playing with your little cars. :) Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Kristine Snow's picture

Renee, A FUN poem but one that also says a into dreamland...I like that. Kris

Walter Bjorkman's picture

Renee'. I love it - taking a simple diversion and explaining it so well. Made me think, I don't have a collection of anything except lost loves - maybe that's my problem! Thanks for taking the ordinary into the extraordinary. Walter

Tim Marshall's picture

SUPER,i have a collection of 1:18 scale that i love having around me too ~~~~~ LOL pretty amazing A+