Floating along the halls of this site

we have a free spirit that roams.

Open your heart and let her in

she will share her healing lite.

Read her work, feel her pain.

The torment of being different

when just a child growing up.

Might make a lesser person go insane.

Free spirit share your thoughts with us.

Tell us what it is like

to live in a world of words and music.

Give us a ride on your Pegasus.

Take us to the place where you find the wisdom.

The place where we can float free

finding comfort in the music notes of the past.

Take us to the place you come from.

This free spirit answers to the name of Miranda Rae.

Visit her poetry page, read her words,

feel the emotion and the pain,

feel the love and passion in the what she has to say.

So my friend you see this is for you.

You will never know what your friendship means,

always there with a word of comfort and support.

I hope to be there the day you make your musical debut.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Miranda Rae.... you go girl...

you are such an inspiration to me and I am sure a few others here at post poems....

thank you for all that you do for me.... it is the little things in this world that mean the most....

something such as friendship.... it is free ... and that is one of the greatest gifts someone can give.....

thank you for being my friend.....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Again, you have captured the beauty of one special person with your tribute to her. I am sure she is very proud of this piece of work. It was such a good read, I enjoyed it alot. Keep writing girl!!! you do it so well. Roz :)

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

I know that I had read this one...cannot believe that I didn't comment before now... Miranda is such a wonderful soul~yes, a free and loving spirit~ I am so blessed to call both of you friend. Renee' You are such a giving soul. I truly feel as if we could be sisters...your pains are mine, and mine are yours LOL...I personally think that I am getting the better You are a genuine and beautiful person. Loved this poem~~!

Robert paullocke's picture

hi renee a very good poem. I'm glad that when I met melinda in the disabled chatroom a few months back. I sugeested she come here. I'm with you. she has been a great fan of mine. just like you have been to me. as a friend. I love you for your friendship and encouragement.

Melvin Lee's picture

smilesz...well, i think she mentioned about liking Pegasus in one of the comments she made, right Renee?! haha... well,..this is a lovely tribute, as with all other tributes u have written, Renee...u have such a giving soul...i am always blessed to know u. :) Take care...

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, This brought me to tears, HAPPY, TOUCHED tears! This is absolutely beautiful; what I especially like is the fact that even though you and I have never met in person you know me so well and are able to accurately pen down why I write and some of the main themes in my writing, and how very important music has always been to me. And the mention of Pegasus takes the cake; how on earth did you know I adore Pegasus? I can't remember telling you; if it's instinct yours are right on! Thank you for writing this and for being MY friend!