Back be popular demand

the lady and the hawk are back.

It seems that people

like the game we play.

So hang on with all your might

things might just get out of hand.

You know we can kick them out

one, two, three....

it nothing when you are inspired.

So keep you eyes towards the sky

because the 'Hawk' is flying at you.

So thank you Miranda

for letting the Hawk and I know

just what you thought of our fun

so this one is more or less for you.

Hope that you liked it.

Keep watching for new posts

from the Lady and the Hawk.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something that hit me when I read a critique that Tim received from Miranda on his poem Best Friend 2000......

this is for you Miranda.... thank you for your thoughts on our little game of title for title.....

have a good day....

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