New Years morning and out of the blue

the phone rings and I can't believe it is you.

I moved across the United States

some how miss placed your address and number.

I felt so awful about it just knew you thought I had forgotten

all about you and the good times we use to have.

That was never the case I find myself thinking back

to times we spent together and all the fun we had.

The trips to Wal~Mart oh what fun that was

eating at the Huddle House and the pizza hut.

You were such a dear friend to me

I could never forget you.

I hold your friendship very close to my heart.

I remember watching the Nutty Professor

as laughing at how much you were like the characters.

Shon you will always be one of my most dear friends.

May we never lose contact again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my dear friend Shon.... he is just the greatest.....

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