Well it is the day after Christmas

everyone seems to be down

not sure if it is the mess in the floor

or the fact that we don't wear a crown

things are just so silent

but hey that is so cool with me

I can sit here and think

not being bothered with anything

I have to say this was a Christmas to remember

I got things I wanted and things I would never have asked for

a new printer for instance came from my sweeties dad

that sounds like the apple did not fall from the tree

my sweetie went over board I got things of all types

he gave me games for my computer and things to build

one of them being and 1300 piece Harley Davidson

oh what a treat, he gave me die cast metal Harleys

and lego's for days, I will be building until I reach

some sort of frenzied styled haze,

there were drawing pencils and pad to go with them

shirts to keep me warm while out in the wind

mouse pad with Boston Terriers that is so cute

a big ol' squirrel just because I am the squirrel girl

a cool watch from my friend in Mobile, oh and the coolest bath mit,

when I take my showers now, my honey will have a fit,

my aunt from Nevada sent me a poetry notebook

places for pens, change, id and my little helpers book,

there were gifts of food well wishes from all of my friends

I had a great time but thank god it is over until next year.

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Great to see you had such a wonderful Christmas.... has it really been that long since I have been in postpoems.. now I know why there is so many of your poems that I have not read! Keep up the good work. Roz :)

Robertpaullocke's picture

hey my sweet friend. I love this poem. I can see you had a good christmass.

Melvin Lee's picture

A vivid portrayal of the 'aftermath' of a xmas party, renee...hahahaa... i wish i could have been there...sounds really fun and crazy .Smilesz. Thanxs for sharing that night on pen and paper with us here... Take care Renee.