I am holding in my hand,

the most wonderful gift of all,

just words on paper to you,

but words that make me stand tall,

on one piece of paper,

a simple poem I wrote,

the answer to a topic,

but now, the words seem to float,

off the page, right up to my eye,

for me to take them all in,

these pieces of paper you see,

are like notes from the mandolin,

one is an award, for creative writing they say,

when I wrote the words, they just came from my heart,

did not think of them as words that I created,

words on paper to show these guys right from the start,

I am what I like to call, an impromtu writer,

you give the title or subject and I come through with the words,

but no matter what I think, the main thing is this,

I am holding words on paper that mean the world to me,

and if someone takes offense to it, well then my butt you can kiss.

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Deborah Russell's picture

Bravo...and wow...you did that so gracefully, cough, cough...not like some of those poets who go for the throat with all them curse words. who shall remain mindless, oops, i mean nameless but one has the initials dr , if you get my drift. signed, dr (another one, not the one mentioned above.)

pudnsis1's picture

Renee', I feel sad. I missed the party. Oh well! OK! Congrats. I will dust my skirt off, darn it tonight and present you with a Royal curtsy for... Her Majesty, The Queen of Words. Thanks Linda. Oh! ps. =) lol, :)

Didi Menendez's picture

You go GIRL~!

The Hook's picture

Bravo!!!! It was a great poem, and should have gotten such recognition..... I am on the same list, and do know how much you deserved this award, and I'm very happy for you!! Job very well done!!!

Robert Darlington's picture

Renee'-I love your candor and the direct way your writing gets to the heart of the issue. This poem describes the life of the writer; and I have told a few critics to Kiss My Ass, in my own time. No one has any idea who we are, how we truly see the world, or what our words mean to us. No one has the right to put down someone else's writing-that is why sites like Post Poems are so refreshing, because it is about people and writing, without all the bullshit. Take care, and thanks again for your wonderful comments about my poems. Best wishes, Robert

Robertpaullocke's picture

love your poetry as always....

Edwin Robinette's picture

I loved this one! Cool, fun ending too!!

Melvin  Lee's picture

HOOooray~!~>...Congrats,Renee .... YEAHhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Everyone, a toast to our Queen~!~ HEhhee,...(ok, so i'm getting rowdy) Seriously, somberly: It's wonderful to see how u have gone the way till now...till here, renee...my heart rejoices at this achievement....and i am sure, there will be many many more to come....Hold this gift of poetry ,and it will adorn each life it touches.... Really happy for u...SMILESZZZ. your friend here, melvin.

vjochum's picture

lmao!!! Your writings deserve awards Renee! You get an award from me because you always keep me in suspense. I never know how your poems will twist at the end, usually causing me to burst in laughter! Your the greatest!!

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee' Words on paper... that's it for sure! A true poet you are! Loved that one too! Thanks for sharing. Roz

Tim Marshall's picture

lol Beat me bite me Whip me butt kissing 'hum' stop turning us on oh yea' NICE POEM lol L&P

Kristine Snow's picture

Congratulations on your accomplishment. And I LOVE the ending of this! LOL Kris