While wondering around the halls of post poems,

I happened upon a bright spirit, a voice of only written words,

striking a cord in all that read her work,

her messages are art in motion, weaving yet another masterpiece,

for us to read with much joy and peace,

this lady is really something, her style is so unique,

words of truth only spoken,from one who's heart is so pure,

I hope that if you have time, you will stop in her space,

read the words straight from the heart, written with love and care,

just look for her name in the list of many, Valerie Jochum,

let me know what you think.....

she is really a talented writer, hope that you like what you read.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Valerie has some of the most moving and powerful poetry... if you get the chance please check out her work.... they are so worth the time

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poetvg's picture

i loved it

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee' Again you say is so wonderfully... You too... are a kind spirit... one of the best! Thanks for sharing. Roz

vjochum's picture

My Dear Renee,... Right now my throat has grown tight. My emotions overwhelmed, my heart,...full. Now I know why you sent me to read this. How clever you are! At this moment I just cannot speak what I am thinking or feeling for what you have written here. Will write you a personal note later, as for now you have humbled me into a pool of appreciative tears. God Blesses your goodness Renee, and also to those of you who have expressed such kindness, acceptance, and encouragement. You make me feel like a member of a family created from love itself.

The Hook's picture

Great poetic tribute to a great poetess..I have read all her works, and agree with you, Renee'...the lady is a wonderful writer, with a beautiful heart and soul!!!

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

it's always nice to meet a kind, bright spirit

gentle's picture

Renee: If you point out a poet, then they must be worth reading.. Take care: Amy

Gentle is the night♥