Trimbles and shakes........

reminds me of an earthquake......

hair combed back

lip in permanent pout

eyes weeping with sadness

shy as the hound dog crying

deep feelings in are you lonely tonight

may we never judge one before his time

think about it, did he do anything so bad

anything that they would not love today

his smile was that of a young man

overwhemled with his own stardom

trying to capture time alone

settling of notes sung

love me tender love me sweet

oh his sweet voice

sings so well

Merry Merry Christmas Baby,

oh, I was rasied on that voice

maybe the reason I love the blues

remembering watching him

the way he could move those hips

so slow and sultry

gives me chills still

you will live on

if only in our thougths

still seem to morn

the death of one so mysterious

even in death you escape us

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