Well, it started out like any other Sunday,

me at my old computer, he running around looking for something,

I finally asked what it was, that had him all in a TZ...

and the is what he said to me...

"I am looking for the movie I bought",

"It was on the bed the last time I saw it" my words.

So began the CLEANING DAY, we just had to find that movie,

we started looking each and every place,

with each turn of a corner we pick up pace.

We look in every little spot, even in the darkness under my desk,

but could we find it.... hell no ... no way....that was what was so grotesque.

He made me want to help look, so up I got, I had plan,

well hours later, with my allergie nose, we decided it was a thing of man.

You can't remember where you last took a rest, have to do this now,

you were so funny.... when you said "find this tape I will" oh what a vow.

And in the end the tape was found, in the last placed we looked,

imagine that, could there be some kind of hiden meaning or hook.

The bedroom is all clean again, what happen to the tape where had it been?

Well I offer this to you dear friend, Was it really lost?

I like to think......

it was only hidden in the green...........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

rachelle this one is for you.... these words just seem to sum up the life is with us these days..... something always needs just a little more... then we run into this lost item of luxury.... can just blow ones day.... sometimes the great spirit is just letting us know that maybe we should take a break.... smell the roses .... thank you for being my lost item of luxury... glad that I found you again...

let's kick some butt..... LOL

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