WWF Wrestling

Once upon a time

In a land long ago

There lived a family

That had a winning show

The show was wrestling

Call it entertainment or not

The father changed the image

And now i hate it alot

They had lots of stars

Austin, Foley and the Taker

They turned it over to the daughter

And her cry baby faker

We have Jericho, Chyna and the Big Show

And that is just a few

There is Rock, Kane and the APA

Oh, don't forget Rikishi Fatu

Some moves are wild i have to say

Moves like the rock bottom and the walls of Jericho

Then we have the X-Factor and pedigree

And the train we call HO

Don't forget the splahes and the elbow

And long pins if you will

But to be a champion hardcore

Little Crash has to be still

HHH is really a sore loser

you know it's true, it's true

But then so is Kirk Angle

in his red, white and blue

To blatantly cheat

Now that is the game

Who cares if you win

You are paid just the same

So if you watch this show

And you do it enough

You will grow tired

And stop buyng their stuff

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was just something that hit me one day... we like to watch WWf wrestling just for the laugh... so here it is

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Tammy Walton's picture

This poem is so true funny part is it is monday night raw right now and my mans watching it

Marlie Lambert's picture

Hey Renee, I am a big fan of wrestling as well and I liked how you fit in the guys names pretty kool!
I have read a lot of your poems, and I think that they are great.
keep writing, and peace out:)

Ernest Bevans's picture

I never got into this spectator sport much - however
I don't belive all wrestling is bad: http://www.postpoems.com/cgi-bin/displaypoem.cgi?pid=77681

Paul Jones's picture

Hey I am a big wrestling fan and I checked this out. It's good and I love the rhyming. I didn't like the fact that you made fun of it and said that I would get sick of it. I have been watching wrestling and not missing a show for 6 years now. Wow...it just hit me that it was that long. I will never stop but...nice poem.

Misty Lackey's picture

hey, I think this is a good poem that gives a view of the wwf, that is good on telling about the wrestlers and their moves. my husband likes wwf, I just listen more then watch, do you remember the nwa, I loved it.

pudnsis1's picture

Renee' true penmanship on the art of wrestling. i can go back to Hulk Hogan, Professor Fugi, Tonnaka, Chief Jay Strongbow and Pretty Bobby Shaftoe to name a few. My Nephews live in Hercules and they're into the ALL Pro scene out there. Thanks for the memories. Friend, Linda

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee I cant say I watch this at all. Have seen it on advertisements from time to time.. but you seem to know what you are talking about in this poem and that showed through.. told a good story. Roz :)

Etsen J's picture

loved this. I love WWF and I think your poem is ace. Rock rulz :)

Edwin Robinette's picture

Though I'm not much of a wrestling fan, this is a cool poem! I only watch that if nothing else is on! But your poem is fun anyway and I like it!

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, you KNOW I was all over this one when I found it! :) I've been watching for so damn long now I can predict what's going to happen with a storyline months before it actually goes down. I don't know what twisted things that says about me but..... Ha ha ha ha! Though I admit I still love ECW; it hasn't gotten too predictable yet. Housewives and college students watch soap operas; I watch wrestling. For the same reasons I bet.

BIGONE's picture

AMEN lol big buck's at work macho macho boy's that want expensive toy's and it get's even worse when they are put in a movie lol MAYBE next year RIC FLAIR and ?????? mean GENE will make mad passionate love dead center ahhhhhh the square circle bla bla balbudwiser who the hell eats slim jims?????? chances are he's no great LOVER RENEE' A+ SWEETIE MANATEE

Robert locke's picture

I apperciate your poem A very well writen poem. I enjoyed the rythm and the beat. Being a wrestling fan of long ago a

Jeff Kane's picture

This is alright, I can't stand wrestling though so I'm kind of biased against it but it's cool how you managed to fit in the names of all those wrestlers. I think wrestling's a pretty crappy topic though or just a waste of your time unless you're gonna completely degrade it.