"Where is the weekend"? I was asked this today.

I sat and thought about it and this is what I say.

Seems the weekend was on it's way my friend.

You know we are just working for weeks end.

It was toodling along and stopped along the way.

Decided to have lunch with it's old friend Monday.

They had lunch and shared a drink or two.

Ran into Tuesday, "Well shit what do we do"?

"Hey let's have a party and invite all our friends".

They got on the phones and some rules they did bend.

They have loads of food, wine and beer.

The weekends coming don't pout, don't fear.

They call up old Wednesday, seems she is on the rag.

You know old hump day can sometimes be a real drag.

Wednesday's sister-in-law Thursday demands to come along.

So now let's see we are how many days strong?

Anyway the party is going at it's at full blast.

When in walks Friday, his feelings in a cast.

So now we see the week days are over and done.

Let's get on to Saturday and Sunday and have some real fun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was inspired by a mere question asked by my boss.... heres to you John.... thanks man.... for the idea of this poem....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Going back to the days when I never had children and use to work for a living...lol. I use to say that the best part of the week-end was a Friday arvo at knock off time..Good read ... enjoyed it. Roz :)

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

Quite humurous and true... Does remind me a bit of Bern's style too.. WHERE IS THE WEEKEND? Good question! Malc.

Melvin  Lee's picture

OHhh lovely poem.....haha,.funnie too. REminds me of Bernard's style... Wonderful humor here, Smilesz..

gentle's picture

Every day of the week had such great personalities, but, I know that I would like Sat / Sun the best. Nice job. Amy

Gentle is the night♥