She sits in her house of glass,

thinking of all the stones cast.

Wondering if they will come back

to haunt her, or will she make it through.

He sits in his room all shut off from the world,

thinking of all the fires that he let die.

Wondering if he might have made a bad choice

will she come back to him this time?

She goes through her day to day life,

thinking of all the things that she had.

Wonderfing if she can regain her self confidence

or is it just another thing of the past.

He works through his lunch, trying to forget,

times of the past and mean words that he never ment.

Wondering if she will ever find it deep within

to forgive him, or will she pour water on his flame.

They go through their every day lives,

thinking with minds always on the other.

Each wondering if things could have been different?

Each not wanting to take the first step in righting a bad wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something that comes to mind when I think of all the people out there living with a bad memory or choice.... sometimes we have to make that first step so that we can go on with life....

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