One day while sitting still at a red light

I hear something, almost die from fright.

Being me as usual I had my mind on some cloud

when up pulls a car the radio playing loud.

The car I tell you was thumping and bumping,

and my car was bounching, my stomach heaving.

It is just something that I don't quite get

why can't you TURN IT DOWN while at a light you sit.

I wonder what it does to ones ears

don't they have any growing old fears?

I can't imagine having to live with this

I guess it is cool if you live in ignorant bliss.

So to all of the kids that like it blasting

why don't you try some of the old time swing.

You might like it, you never can tell

while talking to passengers you wont have to yell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just thoughts from an old woman ...... sitting here early in the morning....

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Eric Cockrell's picture

a little swing would be good for 'em... maybe a little blues, or even some Charlie Parker... however, i can vaguely remember(vaguely) being screamed at to turn that awful music down... another good poem by you... enjoy reading your work. eric

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Good read.. What makes me laugh even more is when you see a really old car that is falling to bits and the young guy puts this heaps expensive stereo in it.. lol. Roz

Nanook Of the Nashwaak's picture

Well done!! My sentiments exactly. But don't you know, to be young means you're going to live forever, and tomorrow never comes. I remember my father saying, "When I was your age,..." and I would tune out. I bite my tongue when I want to say that to my children now. Maybe your poetry, the clever way you write it, will help bridge the generation gap and save someone's hearing for their old age. Thank you for the nice poem. Nanook

gentle's picture

Now, this one definitely made me smile a big ....:) ! We have a guy who does that while pulling in to our parking lot. Sure does drive ya up a wall, eh? More like it rattles my windows. Kepp on writing!!! Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Deborah E Russell's picture well, you know what I thought. Great one, lively!!! Spirited! Thanks for a Renee' view of the world.

Kristine Snow's picture

Not an old woman! Just someone with all her senses intact, including her hearing! Thanks for telling it like it is. Age has nothing to do with playing music this loud. Mental capacity does. Apparently the dimished brain size has also affected their hearing! Kris

tanya's picture

LOL Renee and hasnt this happened to all of us !!! You expressed my greivance so well :o) tanya

Doreen Southworth's picture

I'm guilty! I'll think of this poem while I am at a light...thumping and bumping! I posted a new one...rescue me...i need some help with it...could you check it out please?! Doreen

Edwin Robinette's picture

Great poem! Don't you hate it when that happens! I love this one!!

Michelle Noel's picture rolling here laughing...I loved this....and I feel the same way