There she is, the woman of my life,

one day she will wake up and become my wife.

She loves me I know that with all my heart,

there will come the day we will make a new start.

I watch her and she does not even know it,

when I call her she screams and has a fit.

She is all that I want and all that I need,

she has no love for me and it makes me bleed.

I keep tabs on her so that she will not get away,

you should see the look on her face when I say hey.

I think it is funny, she has nothing to fear,

I would never hurt her, she is just so dear.

We dated for months and she made me so mad,

I found out that I was not the only man she had.

I will not let her go, she must know this by now,

just look at her walk, all I can say is WOW.

It seems that she has called the cops and they say,

I have to leave her alone and start this very day.

I will make her mine and she can't fight that,

I will show her, wait till she sees my baseball bat.

I don't want to hurt her or scare her at all,

I would hate to see her take a bad disastrous fall.

She will learn that from me she can't run or hide,

and rules from the courts I will never abide.

So run little girl, as fast as your legs will let you,

but I will be back, just show up out of the blue.

You will have to love me one day, and one day you will,

I can hang around and watch you forever, just to get my fill.

So don't think that you can run and you can never get away,

so you might as well get use to me, for here is where I will stay.

Watch what you do, what you say and where you go at all times,

you know what they say about all the nutty stalker crimes.

Watch over your shoulder, and watch behind your back,

I have plenty of time that is nothing that I lack.

When you think I am long gone and out of your life,

just remember I promised I would make you my wife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

due to a suggestion by my dear friend Voila.... I have changed the title of this.... let me know what you think..... thank you

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Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, This poem is chilling and haunting! You got into a stalker's head so easily and wrote down a stalker's thoughts so accurately. Like Rachelle, I had to deal with obsessed fans during my DJ career many times, and the intensity of their attachments and the lengths they would go to to fulfill their fantasies are as chilling as the words penned down here. (The last station I worked at actually got caller ID put on all the request lines because of a listener that was harassing me. At another station earlier in my career a listener was arrested for trespassing because he barged into the studio and smacked me on the ass while I was on the air because he "wanted to meet me and take me out for a drink after my shift"; thank God for air check tapes, the tape of that show was used as evidence in the case.) I wonder what makes these lonely people think they way they do! Of course this poem also reminded me of my rapist; I had a restraining order put on his ass but because of his mother's position in the community and the fact that he could scare the living shit out of me with just a facial expression the order was useless in the end. Stupid me felt like I had no support in the matter and was too scared to enforce the damn thing so that fucker would harass me whenever he felt like it. I bet you anything he had thoughts similar to those penned in this poem. Damn Renee, I think this is one of your best works; it's so chilling! I still feel creeped out from reading it!

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee This is a chilling piece.. sent shivers up my spine. I am grateful to you for that.. realizing just how lucky I am. Roz :)

Didi Menendez's picture

Renee, This is a chilling look at a abuser and stalker. You did a good job. This I know for I once had a restraining order on my ex-husband. I am still afraid of him showing up someday at the door. d.

Tim Marshall's picture


Tim Marshall's picture


Martin Haas's picture

Renee, You've got his obsessive jealous nature down pat, a very real poem. I hope you have mace, but never need it. What an awful experience, but he may well "find" someone else, poor girl. I don't know why this happens but you have really captured this disorder and thank God you didn't marry him!!!

Deborah E Russell's picture

good commentary

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

renee, this gave me chills!!! I was a dj for 5 years, and have been through the stalker thing many times! They are nuts! More importantly, how are you? Great chilling verbage, here. Just their lingo. Only experience could produce or conjure up so close to reality. Thank you for sharing, this must have been emotional to write!

Michelle's picture have done it again!! This is great and what a wonderful twist....writing it through his eyes..... keep going.....

Ariberdy's picture

Absolutely real! Frightening!! I felt as if I was looking through the eyes of the stalker. This is an amazing piece of insight!! Do I dare ask if this is based on personal experience ? I sure hope not. Renee, your choice of subjects always amazes me. You are so diversified!! Don't stop writing. Amy

Mel's picture

WOwoowow....u re improving heaps!!!>...evoking words here, so strong - i can feel the stalker actually speaking out loud.. GREat work!!!!.... Erm....but the title seems too long, and such a giveaway....why not jus 'THrough His Eyes' ? (let the reader guess dat the speaker is a stalker).... other that dat , this poem is a gem!!!>.. Congrats!!!>...

Tanya collier's picture

WOW have so much were able to actually transport me to the stalkers point of view, incredible! I had never thought of it that way before, thankyou and well done. Tanya