The Waitress

On her feet she stands all day,

She serves our food with a smile,

To her you better watch what you say,

For she has great style.

She works for her kids you see,

And what she does is not easy,

We leave her tips and that is the key,

Don't come in acting all sleazy.

I saw her upset once and crying,

It made me mad for it was uncalled for,

You know her job can be trying,

To us she is a waitress star.

She can brighten our meal,

For she is very friendly and nice,

Be nice to her that is the deal,

For her life that might be the spice.

She is one of the greatest,

And they know that at the Flames,

Hands down she could win a contest,

If they were to ever hold waitress games.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is written for a great lady that waits tables at a coffee shop i go to... she is just the greatest person.... this is for you April

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee It is good to see that some people still take pride in what they do... this is plainly seen here with April.. nice read. Roz

James Mackay's picture

heh, i think we should all tip a bit more. and make a point to talk to people who work in the service sector. it may brighten up their day a bit. another winner. now i'm going to have to read the rest. 283!!! i may be gone sometime. best wishes James ps - it will be a pleasure of course, not a chore pps - Mr Galt (above critique) didn't read this i think. i hope u pay no heed.

Elhaym Van Houten's picture

I really enjoyed this poem.=) It reminds me of a song by Tori Amos, but the song by Tori, (which is called The Waitress too) is much more dark and sinister. It goes "I want to kill this waitress, shes worked here a year longer than I..." And reading this poem, which I just so happened to be listening to Tori's song the Waitress as I was, I could read your words with the music of her song, and I loved the white and black contrast. It gave me a really fantastic sensation reading this poem w/ Tori's music in the background, thank you for sharing this great piece of poetry.^_^

Tanya Foltz's picture

This one also hit close to home! I was once a waitress who went through some of this shit! Thank you for writing this, not that many people will actually read the words, but again, thank you!

John Galt's picture

I suggest that you take a writing class, Renee. I have read several of your poems here, and none of them show any poetic skill--only beginner rhyming such as students will learn to do in the third grade or so. Regards, John

mel's picture

Wowo..fancy writing a poetic tribute for a lady like this..she must be feeling very honoured and pleased. Nice flow of the words in each stanza... Smilesz...another great one done.