The Black Widow

At the machine shop we have a new pet,

should she decide to stay she is set.

I make sure she has something to eat,

for a pet she is different and can't be beat.

She is a nice size spider shiny and black,

she likes to lay in her web on her back.

We watch her do her thing in her little jar,

she is so very black, she is the color of tar.

We have named her Mortisha, it seems to fit,

put her in a moth and watch her make the hit.

She moves with speed and a fine lady like grace,

her web is pretty cool, but nothing like lace.

We are making her a really nice little acrylic home,

I would like for it to be something with a dome.

It will have a stick or so and a few leaves,

she will make it her home with the webs she weaves.

I am sure that you think that this is strange,

alittle unbalanced, sick or some what deranged.

But there is something to learn in this for us,

so no one is going to make trouble or about this fuss.

She is nothing for us to have hatered or fear.

But we will have to make some spider handling gear.

For sure she will be fed each and every day,

maybe she will like us and with us she will stay.

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Edwin Robinette's picture

Good poem, though sorta gross! I hate spiders, most of all the widows! But I did like "Charolette's Web" which was a cute story! Your poem is good, please don't get me wrong, I like it! It's spiders I hate! LOL

Deborah E Russell's picture

Wow, I love this one...great!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Hello, Renee' my friend! How are you today, my dear? Very clever, cute poem about your little machine shop spider. Mortisha is quite a suitable name for such a beautifully dark little creature. We, too have a wicked looking little yellow spider, it was on some wildflowers that I picked, and my boyfriend put it in a fruit jar for my boys. He is really beautiful to marvel at. Nice poem! You have a way of writing about almost anything and making it sound poetic. That can only come from within. Beautiful!

Will's picture

Nice poem about spider and nice name to go along with it too!

Roz's picture

Hi Renee WEll, thanks for sharing that one with us! I am still so amazed how you can write about anything you put your mind too. I must admit though, whilst reading this poem, it sent a shiver up my spine. I am a real chicken....dont like spiders at all...hehehe Catcha and have a great day Roz :)

Melvin's picture

Mortisha?~?~... haha... nice name....for a spider. MOrtified?..

Tanya c's picture

LOL Renee, can you take any subject matter and turn it into a work of i wish i had that talent! I love how you use your imagination and turn something we would normally have a fear of into something a little lighthearted, I promise I will think twice from now on when i go to step on a spider. Thankyou for letting me know about this one. yours in words Tanya

Ariberdy's picture

I have never really seen a Black Widow Spider. It is also quite imaginative to actually write a poem about one. You are truly a talented lady. As always, I love your stuff. :) This one, in particular was light, easy & a little fun. Amy