Dead Poet is the name that you go by,

I find my mind wondering just why?

You are in all of us and so very near,

there is nothing that you say we should fear.

I find your words sometimes the help I need,

you suggestions I take to my heart, indeed.

You told me once my joy was felt by many readers,

I don't feel much like one of the poetry leaders.

A bright star in your eyes, to tarnish never,

and loose your words of inspiration I hope not ever.

You say my attitude attracts others towards me,

I don't know how, and for some reason just can't see.

I have met many friends here and of them you are one,

I hope that you will read this when I am done.

Let me know if it holds up under your gazing eye,

from my mind to my fingers these words seem to fly.

Your words help many to write better that is true,

you are gone for a time then come back out of the blue.

I see your name and know that you are here for all of us,

your words are cool, none that are silly or full of fuss.

So come out of your grave and just let me know,

does this makes sense, do the words have good flow.

This is just something that I was inspired to write,

and I have learned that feeling I just don't fight.

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Starward's picture

A wonderful tribute,

A wonderful tribute, Hawksquaw.  I miss seeing your poems, signed with that poetic appellation, and I hope you will return to us soon.


[* /+/ ^]

Ross H. Bruce's picture

Your words will not be forgotten. ross;)

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee This poem plainly reflects the admiration you have for the DeadPoet.. I can feel the inspiration in your words.. A wonderful tribute to one so talented. Roz :)

Dead Poet's picture

My greatest appreciation for you Renee. I was right that you had an attitude that attracted people towards you. As i wanders through the halls of Post Poems i find myself looking forward to your work... ...something unexplainable. Perhaps it's the power of the one who holds the pen, you. it's as simple as that, don't question it, just let it be. you don't need to see, just feel it. i believe, that you're a great poet, who's skill far surpasses mine. (smiles) i'm not just saying that. I feel that poetry comes from the heart, originates from the soul, and is inspired by the intangibles. while reading your work, i do see these aspects reflected in your pieces. after all, that's why i told you that your pieces are enjoyed by the readers. Melvin! Don't even think about it! Don't worry, through time, i will reveal myself to all you... for the moment, just realize that i'm a she! hehe.. Thank you for this piece, i'm going to print it out, and show my mother that my time online is well spent! (LOL!)In the meantime, i'm ALWAYS here. in one shape or form, i'm always here. Just to let you know Renee' YOU inspire me...

Ariberdy's picture

Renee: I just love your style. What an awesome tribute to a respected individual. Only you could have thought to offer such a challenge & a tribute. Good luck!! I hope he (whoever he is) enjoys your piece. I did. Amy

Michelle's picture

I like this. The first I saw of the dead poet was the recent posting he did and I loved it. I am now of the opinion that you can write about anything....what a talent you have!!!

Mel's picture

Smilesz... great poem here. And what a tribute to Deadpoet....heeheh...i know who he/she is....wanna know?~.ASk me!>...HAhhaa. ( blackmailing u, deadpoet!!)

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ahhhh Renee, the mysterious and elusive dead poet, but what a subject eh! You did well with this one....flowed well, i enjoyed very much, thankyou for letting me know about it. Please keep reading mine as you get the chance, thanks tanya