The rain falls tonight,

sounds like angels tap dancing,

dancing with all their might.

I love the sound of rain.

The rain falls from the sky,

drops of water leaving their mark,

drops that can mystify.

I love the feel of the rain.

The rain falls in the darkness,

falling on those souls that can't be seen,

those souls that choose to transgress.

I love the smell of the rain.

The rain falls into a time forgotten,

a time when men need to be men,

a time where we live a life long rerun.

I love the presence of rain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just some thoughts running in my mind... as it rains

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Another good read. I too also love the rain... especially on the roof at night... very soothing!!!! Have a nice day Roz :)

Melvin  Lee's picture

Among ur new works....this stands out very prominently...the way u choose and phrase your words are so exquisite, i can almost feel the rain beating down on mY window. Smilesz. such a gem this is... And btw, i see u re getting much more prolific now. SMilesz.... good thing!!!

Walter Bjorkman's picture

Renee' You reminded me how much I want it to rain tonight. We have been bone-dry for days. I can smell the wet grass in your words

Farah D's picture

what a soothing poem! Loved this one! I too love the feel of the rain.! very well written :)

gentle's picture

Beautiful! Full of great imagery! There is nothing more soothing than a gentle rainy night. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

i love the sound, feel, smell, presence of rain too... it was raining quite a bit here last night... good job Renee'

Edwin Robinette's picture

Nice poem! I also love the rain, mainly while trying to sleep, it just knocks me out! Good posting!

Tim Marshall's picture

I Like it,reminds me of the beatles song penny lane firemen come in from the pouring rain,very strange lol we had way too much rain this year1glad you got it and probally need it> good pem