She sits at the kitchen table coffee is now cold

wondering where her son she loves could possibly be.

He was mad, going to kick some ass. Is he that bold?

She is his mom after all, his father is an absentee.

The phone rings, she jumps as though she's been slapped

listens to the voice on the other end, nervous hands in her lap.

She can't believe what she hears, she sits suspended in time.

"Oh good lord", she screams, he has been arrested, murder the crime.

She will never hear her son walk in the back door again.

Why did he have to go out and get into all this trouble?

What was he thinking, what did he think he could attain?

Will she be able to live with all the gossip rubble?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

contest with TIM.... TITLE HIS..... and the words are mine....

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