Street People

We are in the car just driving down the road,

I look out the window and my heart takes on a heavy load,

I see these people that live on the street,

And I try to imagine how they deal with the heat.

I see a woman and she sits all alone,

I wonder if she has kids and are they all grown.

Do they not love her and want to take her in,

I guess life is a gamble some lose, some win.

Then there is the guy that pushs his cart,

He was productive once until his life feel apart.

He was smart and had a wonderful life,

Until the day he found his best friend in bed with his wife.

They tell me that was when he lost his mind,

makes me wonder just how many more of his kind.

Live on the streets because they have lost everything,

They mutter, and talk and to themselves they sing.

She sat on a park bench and there she sits all day,

She has to you see because there is no other way.

When she was gone her husband loaded the kids and left,

Now this is sad, she suffers from heart theft.

They have no other place to hang out or live,

So they become dependant on the money we give.

They are just folks that are down on there luck,

but what do they do when you give them a buck.

To me this is something that is so sad,

Do they buy food or a fix they need bad.

I wish that there was more that I could do,

Or more about their stories that I truly knew.

I see them and my mind just goes off on its own,

I hate to see them sitting somewhere all alone.

To see them my heart wants to break.

Someone doing something for God's sake.

This is my story of the people I see,

From their life of hell I wish they were free.

But they will continue to live on our streets,

with few cloths and no shoes on their feet.

So when you see these people the very next time

may you have a thought to help, you know it is no crime.

You can always volunteer to help out in a soup kitchen

it might just help bring you comfort now and then.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by all the people that I see on the streets... god bless them

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee I have read this one before.. and still find it an awesome piece. My heart always goes out to all those unfortunate souls on the street, if only we could all help. Great words there! Roz :)

James Mackay's picture

this is fantastic. i see these people every day and would never have thought to write a poem about them. i guess writing poetry is about looking as well as writing. this makes me fell a little bad. which is a good thing i think. after all, we could most o us do a little more. i am an aetheist, but God should bless you for writing this. best wishes take care James

Edwin Robinette's picture

Very good Renee!! This is excellent. A true life portrait which is so sad! Love the wording "heart theft"!! You did well on this one!!

Jodie Cohen's picture

You are soooooo kind!!!!!!!!! Your poems, your attitude, your critiques. I knew you were lovely person from all your other poems, but now i know that the spirit of Mother Therasa and soul of Princess Diana are within you

Esther Roberts's picture


Ali Saad's picture

to me ,this is one of your best poems ,Renee! a great topic as well! Ali

Politically Incorrect's picture

This is an interesting piece. It is very unfortunate people in this state. There is a high percentage of people with Mental Illness on the streets which makes solutions difficult. With these Illness comes inability to care for oneself, inability to engage in social activity, and even the inabilty to see the fact that one has the illness. It's very good anyone who wants to help these people. You really need to work with one person at a time though, build relationships, and it takes time, lots of time and dedication and love. P.I.

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

Hi Renee' Good poem about people on the streets. I've recently been doing volunteer work for The Schizophrenia Society and have learned 50% of people on the streets have a serious mental illness (schizophrenia,bi-polar,or depression). Many of these people have been released from hospital with some medication with nowhere to go. Drug treatments can often help remove 'postive symptoms' hallucinations and delusions...but 'negative symptoms' such as social withdrawl and inability to take care of oneself are often not helped by drugs. - Beautiful poem... I like the line "From their life of hell I wish they were free." It makes me malc.

tanya's picture

awesome.... :~ tanya

Doreen Southworth's picture

It seems my mind wonders off too when I see a homeless person. It is a very sad thing, but the number of homeless is decreasing.

Edwin Robinette's picture

Nice descriptive poem! Very nice indeed, but very sad indeed! I tried to write something along this line once, but gave it up as it was too depressing in my mind!

Michelle Noel's picture

Renee, This is plain and simple beautifully done. You really are the epitamy of heart and soul..... I love this line....."Now this is sad, she suffers from heart theft." What a perfect way to word that!!!

Tim Marshall's picture


Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Nee' Beautiful poem- I think your best yet! What a subject, very well put together. This poem was very touching to me. I, too see people who seem as if they were or could have been something different if circumstance had not been as it was. Sad. My boyfriend just gave ten dollars to a man that said he didn't have enough gas to drive his child home late at night. There are definately people out there that need some help, and are deserving of it. Down on their luck, as you said. It breaks my heart to think that we, the good old USA haven't done a whole heck of a lot to help the homeless. Any good is done by the charitable acts of people like you and I. Maybe you could put a comment about volunteering to help (like serving at a soup kitchen, etc.) at the bottom of your piece. Would be a start! At least keeping this sadness in the top of the minds of those people that your poem touches. Thanks, Renee' for the pause in my pathetically wonderful life for a slice of apathy for those less fortunate.

Bern's picture

Great Poem good topic. People, with the accent on people forced to live on the street. This poem has touched me deeply I too was once on the streets a very long time ago. You have a beautiful way with words place some of your poems with local newspapers. Get yourself known you are really good. bern

Molly A Block's picture

This is one I can relate to, having been there myself.....this poem reminds me of those days......asking for change, finding a safe place to sleep...... It is true--a lot of homeless are homeless for real reasons, but there are a lot of homeless 'kids' who choose that path. Living on the street is a hard life. Another thought-provoking poem, Ren. :)