A voice that is monumental

presence that over whelms

eyes that have the fire of life

meaningful music only she can sing

songs that hit you in the heart

thoughts that she brings to life

just listen to the music

feel it, live it with her

you will never be the same

look deep into her mind

know where it is that she comes from

she is the Queen of Rock and Roll

a raspy voice to make you feel mellow

a look that she made famous

long flowing garmets make her an angel

big boots give her attitude

she is just the greatest

may she rock on even in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something for Rachelle and all the other Stevie Nicks fans out there.... she is the Queen... and when we get to heaven may it be her voice we all hear.....

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Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, Great minds think alike! Thanks for letting me know you had this one up. I think I'm going to dance around my living room to Gold Dust Woman now....again! :)

Melvin  Lee's picture

It would have been so lovely if she is able to read this wonderful tribute, Renee... but thanxs, for sharing these memories with me..i remember her voice more than her clothes and face..Smilesz.. :)

Molly's picture

It wasn't until the part "music only she can sing" that I figured out who this poem is about. :) I should have known! It captures your true feelings about her. I really liked the part about her flowing garments that made her an angel....I never thought about that before, but now that it's mentioned, I do reflect on her clothes and how angelic they did seem! A really nice poem Renee'!

Kristine Snow's picture

A lot of voice in such a small package! Now who else does that remind me of??? LOL I wonder! Fine tribute. Kris

Edwin Robinette's picture

Yes, Stevie would love this much! A very nice tribute to a legend! I enjoy some of her music myself!

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

nice words for a rock&roll queen. "With the words from a poet, and the voice from a choir, and a melody... nothing else mattered"

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Yes, I really liked this one too. A wonderful tribute to such a legend..... I am sure if she seen this she would be proud.. thanks for sharing this one with us Renee. Have a great day :) Roz

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

I KNOW that she is a walking Angel. I hear her voice when my dreams are being narrarated~! She has been a presence, a voice in my life for as long as I can remember. Then the weird thing is that I grew up looking alot like her, and I had a father that loved music, and sent me to a voice teacher to learn how to sing like her. So, now I hear her voice all of the time. Even when it is my own. I know that is a weird story to share, and may not even make any sense to anyone else out there. Stevie Nicks is a part of me, I feel her soul in her music, and in my own. The most profound influence in my life without exception. The Queen of rock and roll, the beautiful angel that kept her heart and soul above everything else in her life, including fame. She is a legend, and my beautiful role model. Thank you, Renee' for thinking of my passion for Stevie when you wrote this. It is a Beautiful tribute to one deserving goddess.