so sorry but true

a love story can remain

an illusive goal


Well I watched a movie.

And it broke my heart.

It was so very sad.

Right from the start.

It made me think.

Of things I have done.

Things that I can't change.

Not a single dam one.

I know this makes no

sense to someone like you.

I hate it sometimes

I am sorry but true.


"SORRY BUT TRUE" the title of a book.

I read it when I was a young child.

I found it in a far away corner nook.

And it was just calling my name.

I read it from cover to cover.

And it was not about what I thought.

It was about a woman and her lover.

And all the trouble they got in.

I am glad now that I read it.

Because I learned a lot of things.

So now when I have to just sit.

I think of the and thank God.

Glad that this happened to them.

And never happened to me.

It made me want to skim.

Every other book I read.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thanks Tim for the fun.... and the cool title.... it gives me something to look forward to......

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee After reading poem.. I too, will have to go look for this book, sounds very intriguing.. Thanks for sharing Roz

Tanya Foltz's picture

I think that this is one sweet wonderful poem.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Hi, Renee' Reading Sorry But True has made me want to read the book. I am going to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy this week!

gentle's picture

Hi Renee: I guess I am going to have find this book for myself. You have my interest, now. Thanks, Amy

Gentle is the night♥