I have a special aid in life

A sister angel by my side.

If it were not for her at times

I know that I would have to hide.

She walks with me through out my day

and helps me with all things I do.

I am so happy to have her in my life

she is just one of the members of my crew.

I depend on her more and more

she has never failed me yet.

I know that she will always be with me

and with her by my side I will never fret.

I see her in my dream sleep some nights

she talks me through the tough times.

There are days that she speaks for me

her voice the music of angel chimes.

Don't you wish you had one of these

to walk with you each and every week.

Just call on your personal guide

and your life will never be bleak.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

THANKS FOR THE GREAT TITLE TIM.... I OWE YOU SO MUCH.... YOU ARE AN AWESOME FRIEND..... THANK YOU FOR JUST BEING YOU... I also want to say... that there are many sister angels by my side.... and you can find there work here.... if you would like a list of the names just ask....

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awesome poem

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Hi Renee Another great read! And a good title as well. You are so lucky to have so many special people in your life.. but you are so very deserving as well. God sends us so many different things in life to help guide us on our ways.. Great work yet again. Roz :)

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I added your poem "Sister Angel By My Side" to my club:

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Please stop by and post your angel poems to my angel club:

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Renee...this is a beautiful piece of work. I do agree with you that there are not only sister angels by our side all the time. There are all kind of guardian angels beside us watching over us always. I know...with all the terrible things that have happened in my life...I know that angels have been right by my side. They have brought me thru so many horrible things because God has sent them to be with me and to watch over me. Thank you for writing this and sharing this with each of us. God bless you. LUV, ANGEL EVE SMITH

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Great poem Renee'. I am glad to see that you have an angel by your side. Seems to me that if more of these so called 'wanna-be-critiquers' had one by their side, they might find a wee bit of joy and happiness. Funny yet very sad that they call themselves critiquers and do nothing constructive in the way of critiquing your work. They seem to be real good at critiquing you the poet but offer virtually nothing in terms of constructive suggestions on your writing. All they seem capable of doing is attacking your character instead of your writing. Too bad theyy can't demonstrate by example with some of their own poetry instead of just viciously attacking you. I guess the best they can hope for is to someday achieve the status of 'hope someday to be a poet'. I doubt however that they will ever achieve any merit as a genuine poet. Instead of ripping you apart, they might better use their talents studying poetry themselves. As for your rhyming, They can be as critical as they want. Remember that probably every single one of them can repeat the famous 'I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I am... Have a great day and don't let these 'longing to someday be a wanna be poet' critiquers get to you. You keep writing and let the love and passion within your heart flow for all to see. Goldeneagle

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Great poem! This is sorta in a style I would do, at least it's pretty close. Nice topic too! Good work! I like this one! Eddie

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AHHhhh yes, indeed......i have to agree with Doreen. I remember when POStpoems first started out..there were only jason, u , bern , me and a couple of the rest. U wrote OWen..about WWWF....about BAdnews, about GUmp....then, your style seemed a bit less confident..and not as potent... BUt i read..and realise from what doreen has is all true = Renee, u have grown so much....improved miles in your skills of poetry....and i deeply congrat u for it. Sincerity and honesty always mark the characteristics in your poems...which are all so commendable...I know you will continue to write..and i also know we (all of us,,U know who u re..Smilesz..i can see this clique formed already. AHhaha) will continue to encourage each other here... My heart is with u guys ...always. HAve a nice day Renee..and everyone else. SMILesz...(as i always do,.)

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The first time I read your poems, I knew you had talent. Now that I have come back to this site, I have seen you grow so much. You seem more confident and your poems truly show it. You are a great poet, and inspiration. I will always be your postpoems cheerleader.

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Renee' you are a sister angel. And this is good thought, and may your guardian angel be with you always. (Love the new photo, btw!)

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Sister Angel is a great example of how other people can touch us and make our lives better. Beautifully written, Renee' and from the heart as all of your poetry is. A nice tribute to someone that I could only imagine to be deserving after reading Sister Angel By My Side.