He was 13 when I had to have him put to sleep,

all the way home, the saddness made me weep,

to me he was always the greatest friend,

he was loving and sweet up to the end.

I got him from a couple that I once knew,

he was spunky and his little spirit was true,

when he was just a young pup he lost one eye,

but he was brave and strong and did not cry.

He was at times the only one I had to lean on,

he loved me unconditionally let it be known,

it was the hardest thing to have to put him down,

he was such fun and sometimes he was such a clown.

He was from the great Boston Terrier breed,

from the pain he suffered he is now freed,

in a big field in heaven he has alot of fun,

I am happy that his suffering on this earth is done.

When I leave this earth, he will be there to meet me,

and my old friend I will be so happy once again to see,

he will remember all the good times we had in the past,

and our bond through all eternity will always last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my 13 year old Boston Terrier.... he was my baby.... and I still miss him

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Ali Saad's picture

what a sweet poem for Shiva!Your emotions are overwhelming everyone and everything...Renee! Ali

The Hook's picture

A sweet, warm tribute, from a sweet, warm heart, written with truest emotions of pain, sadness, yet the eternal optimism of a reunion.... Loved the poem, and I'm sorry for your pain, but I have great faith in YOU, and please know your words, as well as your spirit touch me deeply!!!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Ahwww...Renee' that's so sad! Thanks for sharing.

William's picture

Touching poem, good one!

Roz's picture

Hi Renee Well that one certainly bought a tear to my eye. A real tearjerker for sure! I am so sorry to hear about your beloved puppy. From this poem I can tell that he meant the world to you. I know the torment you must of gone through when coming to the decision to get him put down. The thought that he is happy now is good but, hey? Nice read AGAIN!!!!! :) Have a great day Roz

Ariberdy's picture

There is no denying the fact that this touched me very deeply. I know now when I must make this decision, I will not be alone. I always love your poems. Amy

Molly's picture

Hi Ren, This is a sweet poem, a memorial to Shiva. He was an important part of your life at once time, and isn't it funny how your best friend really is your dog? It is hard to let go, and sadder when we are forced to. This poem really captures your true feelings about how much me meant to you. For this, he will never be forgotten. Another great poem!

Mel's picture touching this poem. Such fond memories will stay forever in your heart, i am sure of this Renee...and i am glad he was around during those growing up years of your life. Jus a question: why this name , Shiva?? SOunds like an Indian name to me...hehee....maybe u can tell me why.?~?~