Shavings falling to the floor, like snow on a stark winter's field.

No room for any type of error, these parts never seem to yield.

Air blows so loud at times it is very hard to hear.

Running these particular parts, one of my biggest fears.

Big boss finally home again, Oh man, I love it what a deal.

Makes the little boss jump through hoops, oh, and he makes him heel.

This is one of the greatest days that we have ever had.

Maybe this will start something, a trend or some sort of fad.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just some thoughts that hit me today while I was running my machine.... hope you like it...

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pudnsis1's picture

Renee' Oh! Thoughts that carry us all through the work day grind. It is great to read your work. I feel so priveleged. Thanks for sharing. Your friend, Linda

am_urs_69's picture

it gets me excited

Nanook Of the Nashwaak's picture

Do you mean "running" or "ruining"? Ruining, I would think, sometimes a widget is more expensive than a worker's daily wage. Are you really a wage slave? sometimes those with mindless work save their creative energies for the blank page. A privileged insight into the tedious minutiae of the industrial cog in the big corporate gearbox ... Don't dream too much about the beautiful white shavings on the stark field, I don't want you to suffer an industrial accident. See how realistically you've portrayed your scene to me? Thank you. Nanook

Melvin  Lee's picture

I have a thing for good powerful openings....and this, one poem with such a gem. I simply love the first line....'like snow on a stark winter's field.'...Very apt , to the shavings....Smilesz. Thanxs for sharing.... i like poems that reflect daily life events....much more interesting and diverse, duncha think so ?? Smilesz. Have a nice day~!

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Your talent astounds me every time I read one of your poems. I love the way you use "big boss", "little boss".... that's the scheme of things in life, hey? :) Thanks for sharing Roz

The Hook's picture

The poetry of reality!!! I loved it!!! It takes a great poet to write of "every day events", and do so with such style and flare!! Excellent job!!!