Rachelle The Mistress of The Penned Word

Anything For You my little Butterfly Brennon.

I can't help but feel Cascading Dreams of Close Encounters.

Too Late for Truth Serum Understand that I am but a Poet done.

Denial of Deep Sleep can cause me to be one of the Vulnerable messengers.

To A Poet that lives in The House on the Hill she lives the Perfect Day.

She Sits Alone Out of Her Head thinking of Mysteries Unsolved.

She is a real Gem, Good For Me to get to know The Psychic in this way.

The Curse on the Gypsy It Is Not The End so never Live with words unsaid

Rachelle this is for you the Princess of a King may the Sunshine always shine on you.

For you are The Tulip in the garden I was given here at postpoems so Pass a Joint.

And lets get on with the Fall Games with the Energy and Flavor of Masturbation 2.

A Message Received Sweet Girl Love you are the head poetess you never disappoint.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for you Rachelle.... hope that you like it.... just something that I had running in head this morning....ok... I have sometime to think about the title of this one... so I changed it.... it was Rachelle The Master of The Penned Word...  

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee A wonderful tribute to another very talented writer, Rachelle. I loved the way you captured the titles of her poetry in yours..very clever indeed! You inspire us all! Thanks for sharing :) Roz

Melvin  Lee's picture

APPLAUSE!!!!!!! TRue gems of composition always retain their loveliness, no matter how long, or how many times it has been read again and again. I enjoy this poem...this time round...and with all the previous and future times. TRully....a wonderful read, renee. Smilesz.

gentle's picture

Beautiful tribute to a very talented & special lady. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Robertpaullocke's picture

I liked this poem. I liked how you took the myths and the romantic view of the poet and used one of our own glorious poets as your main charector.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

LOL, Renee' When you had mentioned that you had changed it in a critique, I didn't know that you had LITERALLY changed it!! I had to stop in and say thank you again for this gorgeous piece...the titles sound so good together~LOL I wish like hell I would have thought of that~! The first time that I read this, it lit me up, I was so excited, and honored that you had thought to pen anything about me. You amaze me with how often your heart thinks of others. A truly sweet gift, you are to me. I really believe that you were a gift to ME! Mistress....sounds kind of..naughty. I LIKE IT~LOL :) thank you again, Renee'~ you are so wonderful~

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Melvin  Lee's picture

Wooww....yea indeed..cool idea of incorporating the titles into the poem...and very welldone too, renee....HOw long did u take to blend them all in~?! Like michelle..i have to thank u also, for that same thing she experienced each time she posts works or come online: the expectations that u always assure ...from the words u always leave behind for us.. It's something every composer (of words, songs, art, etc) will cherish and look forward to... ONce again....i stand in awe of your growing mastery...within it, the innocence and honesty so ever prevalent in your works....Smilesz....guess applause aint good enough,..how about a STanding OVation now~?!>...SMilesz.....~!!!! Tis is really a heartwarming poem...and yes, rachelle,,u deserve it..to the MAX . To both of u, do write and post as often as u can..for your works (as with many others out here..) are wonderful reads at any time of the day. :@) Ciaos for now....renee and rachelle. (R and R )hehehe... Take care...

Michelle Noel's picture

I just love how you did this one. What a wonderful idea incorporating all the names of the poems into your poem.......you are approaching genius status :)) I do want to say thank you for a little something you give me everyday. I always know that there will be somehting new or wild or sometimes both waiting when I log onto the computer. it brings smiles into my day...so I thank you. Michelle

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Renee' Of all the pieces here that have moved me, I must say that this one brings me to the brink. My dream is that my poetry will have an impact on people, and will shed light on some neccesary, and sometimes not-so-fun things that we, as good human beings need to think about. This poem for me, symbolizes that I am on my way to doing what I have always dreamed of, and that is to make a difference. You are such a good soul, I think it a gift to all of us here that you found postpoems, and put the effort in as you do. You have a child-like quality that most people lose when they get out in the big, bad world. Hold onto it with all that you have, because it is delightful, insightful, and True. We only wish that we could see things through your beautiful eyes. I am in awe of this piece, for it's goodness, it's description (I think you got most of my work in there:) and of it's nature. I am proud to be your friend, and Co-conspirer of Good. The Gods Cry Encore! And yes, we do have Angels by our side because our hearts are pure, and our intentions are good. God bless you and all that you do to inspire us. I am humbled.