The sound comes from my head phones

sounds like a church choir

voices deep and soulful

then the piano and violin

Just a tune from Loreen McKennitt

she is just one great voice

I love her music

I love it by choice

She sings with a spirit that lifts

to the heavens ones heart

she can make me feel things

her music has done this from the start

The song is DANTE'S PRAYER

one of her best to date

it can bring tears to my eyes

each and everytime I hear it

I think that this is the one

it has to be played when I am no longer

it is just a song that speaks volumes to me

all I ask is Please Remember Me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Breath life into this feeble heart....Lift this mortal veil of fear.... Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears...we'll rise above these earthly cares.... Loreena McKinnett

from: the book of secrets CD.... awesome music...

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Her music is as awesome as your poetry.... wow!!!!!!! Roz :)

gentle's picture

Well, you certainly don't have to convince me of her talent! :) What a beautiful tribute to an extremely beautiful voice. "Bonnie Portmore" is my ultimate fav by her. As always, I bow down to your talents. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Molly's picture

As I read this poem, I was haunted by a past memory--your request to have this played at the right time has been spoken to me before by I remember, again. Sometimes music evokes such a feeling in me, that I wish it to be played at the end of my time too. Yes, I already have the music all picked out also. I wonder if we all do this? I know her songs, and yes, she is a beautiful singer who can bring tears or joy or sadness to oneself. I would pray that we all never die, but this is an impossible reality; death is inevitable. I wish it could be otherwise; but death is nothing more than another simple change, for everthing is constantly evolving in death and life. I'd rather not think about death and dying, especially of my friends, especially of you, but when the time comes, and I hope it's not for a LONG LONG time, I will remember to play your song.

Melvin  Lee's picture

OKay~!!!....i am going to get this album,.. *rubs hands gleefully*~**~...highly recommended by the Queen huh?~!..hAHhaa. Indeed, everyone will want to be remembered,...a cornerstone of worth, a speck of value... Smilesz. Take care, renee...

Michelle Noel's picture

This poem is beautiful and I like that you asked the question that I believe everyone wants to know.....Will they be remembered. That would mean our lives we actually worthwhile wouldnt it? I dont know that music but have to say you have now peaked my curiosity so Im going to have to go get it and listen. Your poetry is amazing as always Renee and I apologize that I have let so many of them go by without reading. I'm desperately trying to get out of this rut I'm watch out when I'm back in full force O Queen!!! Michelle

Edwin Robinette's picture

Extremely nice!! I'm sorry that I don't know of Loreen, but everyone has their favorites. My favorite of all time is Roger McGuinn of "Byrds" fame. If not for the Byrds, I never would have gotten into music or poetry in the first place, they were a HUGE influence! Anyway, you did well on this and I like it much! There is nothing wrong with this style either, nice touch!! Love it! Eddie PS - I think I would want someone to play "Turn, Turn, Turn" at my death.

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

I'll remember you... I like Loreena McKennit... I'll have to check out Dante's Prayer. Malc.