Plane Ride

She steps aboard the plane,

wonders will she make it,

she really hopes for no rain,

as she has a nervous fit.

She really hates to fly,

thinks it is unnatural,

oh, shit, way up in the sky,

digs for pills in her satchel.

She trys to get this off her mind,

thinks of the people waiting,

oh, man, did I leave anything behind?

the flight she is really hating.

Finally, no big deal, the plane lands,

she feels silly for all her worry,

and they notice the shaking of her hands,

they get her out in a hurry.

You see she is bad about passing out,

this has happened a few times before,

they realize what this is about,

so they get her out the door.

This is the story about a girl,

that would get sick when she flew,

so before her food she did hurl,

they rushed her out with no big to-do.

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Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Well, (as she chuckles) I love to FLY!! Yes, I have spent much time on airplanes in my life, and I get a little nervous still. I like the charge. :) Little devilish grin Hope you didn't "hurl" LOL I am just cracking up!! You are too much with the things you come up with :) Put a smile on this girl's face today :)

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

nice little story-poem. I must say though I love to fly! This reminds me of my mom who hates to fly... Well written... malcolm.

Roz's picture

Hi Renee Nice read again with a touch of humour. Well done! Reminds me of my one and only plane trip. hehehe Catcha and have a nice one Roz :)

Mel's picture

Interesting theme there!!!....i wonder if the person here is u Renee?~?~.... heheehe...

Molly's picture

Is this about anyone I know???? I imagine a lot of people are afriad to fly. This poem reads like a story, smooth and flowing, with a little humour inbetween. Nice job. :)

William's picture

HAHhahHA~~i love this thanx renee, GREAT poem!