Pitt Man

This is for all of you that love Mr. Brad Pitt.

I hope that it does him right and all things fit.

In 'Thelma and Louise' he was a sexy little cutie.

Don't you know he has a very fine booty.

I expecially liked him in 'Legends Of The Fall'.

To star with him in a movie you know has to be a ball.

When he was on the Oprah show, he seemed to be sort of shy.

When he said he slept in sheets only, I thought I would die.

I have not been able to see him in 'Meeting Joe Black'.

I hear that he was awesome and the theaters were packed.

He was wonderful in the Paul Newman film 'A River Runs Through It'.

If you see this one, you will need tissues, please don't forget.

'Interview With The Vampire', now that was another one that I loved.

Watching that with Slater and Cruise, was like watching angels from above.

There are just so many more movies that he has had a part.

This is a talented young man, now married, do you think that was smart?

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Jon Pitt's picture

Oh. I thought you were dedicating it to me.

darkpool's picture

Well, I think you should go see Meet Joe Black, it's my favorite Brad Pitt flick. It had to be good, cuz the critics panned it. Then there's Seven, you gotta see it, but only if you can handle real stomach-turning scenes ... I didn't want to see it twice, but I had to see it once! Ken

Miranda Rae's picture

Yes, I love Brad Pitt's booty too but it was his chest in "Thelma and Louise" that got me. Thank God the first time I saw that movie was at a party where 99% of the guests were gay men; we rewound to a certain scene in "Thelma and Louise" about 5155744157778 times! Thanks for making me drool, Renee.

Doreen Southworth's picture

I just realized how stupid I must sound! I got Tom and Brad mixed up for a second because I was just reading an article on Tom!! I am a blonde you know! But hey, they are both hotties! It has been a long week!!

Doreen Southworth's picture

Yes, he has a very nice booty!! Your poems are so fun! I think it was a mistake for him to get married!!! But what girl wouldn't say that besides Nicole Kidman! I saw A River Run Through It being filmed, and trust me, he is hotter in real life! I think I will go watch Top Gun right now!!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Hey, Nee' I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BRAD PITT!!!! LOVE HIM, would have ten of his children if I knew him and could still have children :) LOL He is scrumptous...Oh, and his acting isn't too bad either :) LOL He is actually a terrific actor! I just love him. Great topic...I guess we'll just have to be eating our hearts out as he and Jennifer live in marital bliss. If they are like very other Hollywood marriage, he may be single again in a year :) lol

Roz's picture

Hi Renee Another one well done! And what a gorgeous subject to write about....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Brad Pitt! Yum!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your talents again with us Nice thoughts for today Roz :)

Dead Poet's picture

oh my gosh! drooool! i can sit and look at his cute little booty all day! you rock Renee'! you should go see Joe Black! he's so sexy, seductive, and cute all at the same time! yea, jennifer anniston is one lucky chica.... hm.. i'm not sure if he was smart though. but at least we know that he was talented at what he did. he's an actor! and of course, he had something else that came along with his talent a gorgeous bod! whooooooo hoooooooooo!

Tanya c's picture

ROFLMAO Renee you are soooo funny i think you have just made my day...i can go about my business now with nice thoughts of my sweetie Brad.... one day he will be available again so never fear all is not lost Tanya