Owen you were so cute

and your pranks were such a hoot

Foley and others loved you it's true

your death was so tragic and out of the blue

Owen you are missed by many a fan

pics of your death we should ban

in our memories you will always be

for your death someone will pay the fee

Owen from a great family you came

for your fall we just don't know who to blame

you had such a twinkle in your eye

when from the top turn buckle you would fly

Owen in you we lost a great friend

but we will love you till the end

wrestling will never be the same show

with out your smile and that Hart glow

Owen replace you we never will

your name no longer top bill

Bret is the HitMan Hart

from him your memory will never part

Owen you were a champion in many ways

surrounding your death there is such a haze

maybe one day we will all know

just what happened to stop the Owen Hart show

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this after vewing some very sick photos on a newsgroup...i was so upset that i wanted to fight back... and this was the way that i chose to do just that.... it is about a wreslter that was killed after falling from the rafters.....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Well, I am not really into wrestling, sorry!!! But I could feel the emotions in this one.. I liked the read! Roz :)

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Oh, god Renee' I remember when this happened. There was a show scheduled here the next night that I was supposed to announce at (dj) and they cancelled of course, but much controversary arose. I couldn't believe that they would even consider going on (and they did consider it) after such a tragedy. I told the promoters that I wouldn't be a part of the announcing because I felt that the fans needed to mourn. Very sad that a stupid mistake, a stupid stunt killed a man. Wrestling, I think goes a little too far outside the realm of reality. The wrestlers and fans get confused about what is real-and what is not. That kind of mystery will always surround his life and death. Who knows? It could have been just some VERY SICK, twisted marketing ploy. These people will stop at nothing to sell their product, I assure you of that! Anyway, great subject, very well-written poem, Renee' Thank you for posting it and the question of what happened to the great Owen Hart?

Deceptive Wayz's picture

I met Owen Hart on a few occasions during my childhood years and I really liked and respected the guy. I could tell that he really cared for his fans and his job. He will truley be missed. This poem is a great dedication to him.

Anonymous's picture

This poem means alot to me.... and i am glad to see that a couple of others liked it.... this was a very special man in the business of wrestling... and he is truly missed....he was something to behold.... thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement....

Mel's picture

Well, i remember this Owen guy from my childhood days...remember him with blond hair and twinkling eyes (yes, indeeed Renee), big and stout in built. 'The Rocket' Owen Hart....who was so envious of his brother Bret...they had several bigtime duels together...WWF called it the Brother's Brawl or something... How sad a life can be extinguished jus like dat....his fiery spirit still lives...explored so nicely in ur poem, Renee....... really nice poem. Thanxs...U brought back memories of him too.

Jason Minton's picture

I must admit; I am not a wrestling fan... However, I do indeed like this poem very much!