Oh, Nick where in this world are you,

you are the man of our dreams.

You makes us want to watch your movies.

You know you can make the ladies scream.

You have become a symbol in our eyes.

This is such a natural thing.

Our hearts were truly broken.

When on Patricia's finger you placed a ring.

I saw you first in Fast Times.

You went on to a bigger, better deal.

Oh, just to meet or see you,

would give this old girl a thrill.

You have the eyes of an angel.

And you smile is not half bad.

I loved your role in "Birdie".

City of Angels made me too sad.

Leaving Las Vegas was ok I guess.

The subject was just too much.

Con Air was one of your better roles.

With the action, love and such.

In Face Off you were just awesome.

I thought it was a spectacular part.

The Rock with you and Connery,

now that showed that you had heart.

I love the way you do your job.

You are a kick ass actor you see.

You have done so many movies now.

To keep up is hard for me.

But I will keep on watching you,

and changing my favorite I am sure.

You are something like a sexy spider.

Us into your web of acting you lure.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't think I have to say a word.......LOL
well after receiving thoughts on this.... I was asked why I did not add Face Off in the list.... well Mel, I hope that suits you...LOL... thanks I thought about that one after I had this one posted....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Hmmm, another tasty man to write about... :) Nick Cage is way cool.. my fav of his is Con Air.. sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it... ;) Great read Roz

Edwin Robinette's picture

A great tribute again!! But you also left out "Raising Arizona", about the baby! That was a funny movie! You do well with these tributes! I've been working on one for a long time, but just can't seem to get it out! So, I'll leave these tributes to you! LOL They are your forte!

Wendy D' Michelle's picture

OH MY GOSH AND OH MY GOSH...I truly love Nick too! He is my dream man. I cant wait to see the Family Man. I watched the movie trailer like 15 million times on my computer and I cried over and over as I pressed replay. He is something else. What a great actor. Now I wont be able to sleep tonight. BRAVO on this one! heheheee. Wendy

jenfool's picture

Ok I know you are going to kill me for saying this... but I thought he was really good in 8MM also...hee hee. What a great poem. I love Nicholas Cage and this is such an excellent poem. He's one of my favorites also, I think we all felt that way when he married Patricia. Now I'm going to continue to look for the poem you wrote about Jason.

Kristine Snow's picture

What about "Raising Arizona"? Stupid movie but I just loved his hair!

Jillian Ketterer's picture

Long Live Nicholas Cage! Face Off was by far my most favorite haha. Again...great piece Renee'!

Ariberdy's picture

I do so agree with everything you said about the man. The Rock was the best(of course) because it had 2 hunks for the price of 1. Let me know if Nick C. critiques this poem. If he doesn't appreciate it, well, I think we should march right down there & give him what for......!!! I, personally, love that man & this poem. Smilz: Amy :)

~Me'lyn~'s picture

Renee' YEA!!! I loved it......but are ya ready for this....? Ya gonna be jealous!! I met him!! Yep I did....He did a film with Lara Flynn and Dennis Hopper called....Red Rock was filmed in Wilcox,AZ thats where I lived when I was 18....anywho..he ate dinner late on night at the Truck Stop and my friends that worked over there called me and told me he was there...I ran RAN!! across the street (workin at MD's) and lo and behold!! all i can say is.... YIKEZ!!! he is sooooooo fine talked to him like for 5 minutes gave me his autograph...and OMG he is super sweet... Never will I forget that...Ya ought to check the movie out ya can see the SH!% Hole i used to live the movie sucks but who cares right!! lol Loved this tribute to him!!

Mel's picture

Smilesz...why didnt u add in FaceOff?~?.... Man, he was realli good in that one!!!....i loved it lOTSA!!! ConAir and Angels were wonderful movies by him too... NIce theme for a poem...interesting, innovative. And yah, u should try on Brad or JEnnifer, or Westlife or someone else....Smilesz.

Tanya's picture

ROFLMAO ... Renee i like this funny and yeeeessss wasnt he wonderful in 'city of angels' *sob sob* pass the tissues please somebody anyway is a great poem and i agree with you he is a hunny..but then so is brad pitt...but thats another poem i guess..... Tanya