Have you ever found shoes that are just you?

I did and they are Dr. Martens....

I love them so much I had 2 pair... boots no shoe.

I have had one pair for 4 years and they are shot.

When I wanted a new pair I could not find the same kind.

I already have a pair of what they call 20 holes.

I call them my bitch boots..they are tall, oh what a find.

They are just too much some say... but hey that is me.

Today just for kicks I went in search of my Doc's.

We went to the Army Surplus shop, low and behold they had them.

I could not be any happier... I am struttin' around like a peacock.

In nothing but my shorty white gown and my brand new black Doc boots.

I love these things... "most women would not be caught in these",

that is what the young man said, well hon, "I am not your usual women".

But he said I was cool..."never have I seen a lady shop with such ease".

But hey I am just me.... don't go for shopping until I drop.

I have much better things to do with my time, poems to write and post.

So that all my friends can read and let me know... is it a winner or what?

So here's to my new found Doc's.... of my town they are the toast.

I am happy and so are my feet..... this is all it takes to make me happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

tribute to my Dr. Martins....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee It's good to see that there are others out there like me.. I dont like shoppin for stuff like that either. Glad you found the boots that make you happy.. Enjoy!!!!! Roz

gentle's picture

Nice poem, Ren! I wasn't surprised to see a poem about your boots since I know how much you love them! I'm so glad you got yourself a new pair! Enjoy breaking them in!

Gentle is the night♥

gentle's picture

I guess I will certainly never look at a pair of Doc Martin's the same way again. I guess the same thing goes for my old red lumberjack. It came from a friend during my first winter here in the cold of Western Ca. I know that the kids tell me that if I wear it, people think I am too poor to buy a decent coat or it means I am a "lesbian butch ?" That part I haven't figured out yet... hahahha! But, to make a long story short, to me, it represents the generosity of someone who made sure I stayed warm... Thought I would share that with ya!!! Luv ya...Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Dead Poet's picture

grr....i envy you, wish i was this lucky when i shop. hehe, i'm 5 ft 10 and that's considerably tall for a girl. it's so hard finding clothes that fit let alone shoes... tee hee, this was a cute one renee. says a lot about you and your taste in fashion... bitch boots... lol.. i'm going to have to keep a look out for them... 20 holes you say eh? i'm off!!!(starts heading for the nearest shoe store)

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Deborah  Russell's picture

happy feet...happy lady, one of my life mottos! trouble is i have a closet full of shoes and keep wearing the same ones ... i like your chosen shoe (smiles) comfort over style for my footsies too... deborah

Me'lyn H's picture

Renee', Oh lord we must have been separated at birth!!! I thought I was the only fem out here that gets excited about things like this!! P.S. I hate to shop....I am in and out in 5 minutes lol.....This was too cool!! Me'lyn

Edwin Robinette's picture

A pair of shoes are all it takes to make you happy? You must be writing TOO much poetry, ya need to get out more!! LOL Anyway, I like this one! It's cute!

Melvin  Lee's picture

Interesting theme Renee....talking about your own shoes...SMilesz.....makes me wanna write about my Adidas now...haha. Thanxs for sharing this...and yeah, i like MArtins too....