My Bud Will

Hey Will, what's up with you,

Sorry that no poem made you blue,

You know I didn't mean to leave you out,

Please don't get mad at me and pout.

I hate it when that happens to me,

It was just an oversite you see,

This should make just things right,

You know to me you are outta site.

On ICQ I miss our chats,

We are just like two old cats,

I promise I'll  get back on line,

I just sometimes get behind.

I hope that this poem makes you happy,

I tried not to make is sick and sappy,

You are such a real good friend,

I think to you this I'll send.

Let me know what you think of this,

Do I get a hug and a kiss,

Did you hate it and wish i'd stop,

Was it a winner or a flop.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for the best Dude I know in New York.... he is just the greatest.... do you feel better now....LOL... have a good one buddy..... hope to see you soon....:O) this is just something i had fun with....

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