Music In The Park

Music in the park and it is free,

get down there and listen up,

loads of people and sights to see,

people every where with beer in a cup.

Mirrors nonexistent for some of these women,

you can tell by just what they have on,

young ladies holding hands with old men,

growing out of ears I see a cell phone.

Big butts with pants fitting way to tight,

flabby bellies are every where you look,

with all this beer you bet there will be a fight,

I wish I had an easy chair and good book.

Painted toes walking on the grass,

men with tattoos and a sleeveless vest,

she is feeling no pain and having a blast,

he loves her and thinks she is the best.

Mr. business man shakes his butt,

the beat is making them want to dance,

he is breaking out of his hum-drum rut,

through the crowd young girls prance.

Kids eating pizza and playing with a balloon sword,

moms trying to keep up with her kids and their dad,

he drinks the bottle of wine she wants to hoard,

she hits the joint that the guy next to her had.

There are young people as well as the old,

some in wheel chairs some walk with a cane,

smoking dope in front of cops, that is bold,

drink too much and your head will be in pain.

This will go on from now until summers end,

a cool place to hang out every Thursday night,

so grab your family or maybe your friend,

and listen to the music what a wonderful delight.

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Michael Gainer's picture

I love this piece, "Music in the Park" it is so down to earth. It reminds me of a park that I use to hang out at, when I had lived in Indiana. They did those things that this poem depicts. Great job, Renee'....! Michael

Roz's picture

Hiya Renee Good read once again. Could picture the scenery as if I was there. Keep up the good work. Roz Have a good one. :)

Mel's picture

I like the flow in this Renee....but the last stanza seems a little too forced... Leaves the poem hanging with little aftertaste...maybe u wanna ponder over those last 4 lines again.?~...Smilesz. GOod attempt still~~~..

Molly's picture

I liked this one! I was going to ask you more about how your outing was, but now I don't have to! You've described the fat butts, the business guy, and beer everywhere. Sounds like Mardi Gras to me! Sounds like a lot of fun too! The people sounded interesting, tattoos and painted toes.... And this goes on through the summer? Wish we had something like that. A cool poem, Ren. It was fun to read, and it is something I can relate to!!