They have so much talent,

angels on stage.

Mother had to stop for a while,

daughter has to go on along.

They have something,

voices that are heaven made.

You have to listen to the music

to only know that they have what it takes.

One is a real singer

one a true performer

and then one the actress.

These three women have so much talent.

I cried to hear that mom had to stop.

More tears when I heard that she was coming back.

A family blessed by the touch of God.

God has given them a way to touch

many lives and people all around the world.

May they always hold this blessing true

in their hearts of gold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the Judds... a family blessed in many ways

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee As soon as I started reading this one, I knew it was about the Judds... I love this group, they have such talent and beautiful souls as well. Great read! Thanks for sharing Roz

Ali Saad's picture

It is a so great a tribute! A poems that manifest such feelings are as blessed with your good heart written words Renee!! Ali

Kristine Snow's picture

Hi, I got half way through this, I have not looked at the comments yet, but I KNOW this is about the Judds! Naomi is the best, but they are all so talented. And beautiful.

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

yes, blessed they are :) i must say reading this your work continually improves and really shows the lovely person you are. your spirit is in each line you write! you have sweet,touching, almost innocent is beautiful. Malc.