Little Dust Bunnies

Little tiny bunnies made of dust,

hiding under things covered with rust,

we sweep them out, that is a must,

sometimes they fly on a wind gust.

Little tiny bunnies hide in the dark,

under a bed is their play land park,

it is there that they leave their mark,

in their living area so very stark.

Little bunnies that make us sneeze,

they sometimes even make us wheeze,

with them you do as you please,

just little bunnies with no knees.

Little bunnies made from dust,

into your home the broom will bust,

would you call this procedure just,

or is this just some sick form of lust.

Little bunnies they start all over again,

this is a game that they can never really win,

we destroy their home and kill their kin,

to do all this seems to be such a sin.

Little bunnies hide please stay out of sight,

only come out at the stroke of midnight,

hold on to your home with all your might,

and try not to die from dust broom fright.

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dragongreeneyes's picture

I am cleaning house right now and I think I found the dust bunnies momma under my refrigerator. I like this

cameca8's picture

No knees??? How do they hop? I enjoyed this one a lot.

Robertpaullocke's picture

I actuall like your poem cause I can auctually relate. I just got done cleaning my kitchen lol

William's picture

HahahaAA!! cute poem! well written Renee~~

Mel's picture

HAhahhahhhhaa......this must be one of your greatest works renee....superbly wonder there re so many comments on this. And so sorry, i didnt get to read this earlier...could have joined in the 'celebration' ....Smileszz. Great flow of rhythm and sense.....and indeed, funny theme to it. GOOD!!!!!!!!

Bern's picture

Lovely fun poem. Bunnies of dust motes delightful, no legs? Cute a bunny with no legs I like the rhyme and also the change into a light form of verse. More please. Bern PS as a child I was called Bunny I had two top protruding teeth, I must have looked like a rabbit.Have a great day. bern

Molly's picture

Hi Ren! I just read your Little Dust Bunnies poem. It is so cute! It had great rhythm and rhyme! It sounds like a lovely poem to read to children....and where do those little dust bunnies come from?!! A really fun poem, Ren. :)

Michelle's picture

This is too funny....I just love it.... Only problem is now Im almost seeing them as living creatures....albeit with no Oh heck...i dont getting the vaccuum anyway!!! I loved it....Thank you for sharing it

Roz's picture

Hi Renee You amaze me all the time. Who would think to write of something like this. But yet do it. You make the poem come alive. Nice read, well done Have a good one Roz :)

Ariberdy's picture

What a clever line: bunnies with no knees! Who would have thought to write about these creatures. They almost come alive in this poem. This is so cute!!! Amy