He was just a kid the day he came into my life,

he would always pick at me, for some reason he called me wife.

I guess it was just a pet name he wanted me to keep,

When I heard the news of his death I just had to weep.

He was run off the road that much I know is true,

but why someone would do this I haven't a clue.

He was so sweet and had such a good heart,

he will always be in my memories and that is the best part.

He had played with a band that night in some little bar,

he knew he was driving but not very far.

He loaded up in his truck when the gig was finished,

he had lots of talent and that would never be diminished.

When they called me and to me the story that they told,

made me want to rush to him and his dead body I wanted to hold.

They say it was a accident, but we know that is a lie,

Can't for the life of me think of why he had to die.

He was just the coolest little guy with blonde hair and blue eyes,

when I went to the funeral home could he hear my anguished cries.

The day of his funeral the church house was packed,

no place left to sit, for friends he never lacked.

They lead me in and sat me in some little back room,

His mom would have none of that, she could see the impending doom.

So I sat with his family, and there I said goodbye,

my heart so full of saddness I thought for sure I would die.

When the service was over and to his grave site we headed,

this would be the hardest part, and the one most dreaded.

I did not want to leave him down in the cold hard ground,

but I knew that he was happy and he was heaven bound.

It seems sort of strange to me that even after all these years,

I sit here wrtting this and I still have unspent tears.

I think of him often and some of the things he would say,

wish that there was some method to bring him back today.

I know that he is with me and watchs over me also,

he will be waiting for me when to heaven I go.

He will take my hand and walk with me forever,

forget him or anything about him no I will never.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about a kid that I met about 20 years ago.... he was killed when he was run off the road in a bad curve where I use to live..... they said he lay there for hours until he just gave up... so Kirk this one is for you man.... I still miss you... and I guess I always will....

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Katherine Jean's picture

I know it is important to give critisisim as well as compliments. But I can never bring myself to say something as mean and hateful as Ronald Mcdonald up there said. But I can't find anything as bad as he said in your poem. He must have a heart of stone no to be touched by that sweet sentiment.

But enough negativity, I just wanted to say that there is a hope that you will see Kirk again. so just hang in there.


Kristine Snow's picture

Renee, my best friend all through high school was killed in a car accident quite a number of years ago. She was just getting her life together after a divorce. Remarried to a great guy, pregnant, good job, new house. It is amazing how you think about them, out of the blue they are in your thoughts. (I cried)

Roz's picture

Hi Renee And I have to say it again....WELL DONE!!! So let illiteracy takes us over.....hmmmmm! :) I understood your poem and it touched me still the second time I read it. Good work and well done! Please write more....FROM THE HEART as well, cause they are the best ones! :) Have a great day....cause you deserve it Roz :)

Ronald Nolte's picture

Okay, before you read my critique, let me just say that I feel for your loss. It's awful to lose someone. My wife died in a car accident 7 years ago. Okay, for the next part. This is a terrible poem. All you are doing is writing a narrative, putting line breaks in it, and making sure that certain lines rhyme. I think that you've been given good advice on another poem, and that would apply here as well--so I won't repeat it. I suggest that you and your heart/soul feely friends actually read some poetry and learn how to write poetry. All you're doing here (as far as I've read, anyway) is to sing each others' praises for poorly written poems. This'll never get any of you anywhere, but it will give you the illusion that your writing is wonderful. A false illusion, I might add. Are you all like 13 or something? If so, I can almost understand the overdone themes, the poorly written poems, the problem areas. But if you all have gotten through high school and have studied poetry at all, what I see at this site is scary! As in, illiteracy is taking over! -R.

Melvin's picture

Smilesz..indeed very narrative poem ... and i have to agree with Amy and Roz, that it is so moving to read it . He would have been so proud to know of this tribute to him. REally enjoyed this poem, Renee..thanxs for informing me.!

Roz's picture

Hi Renee I liked this one alot. It bought tears to my eyes. You have used your words well, and the poem becomes a story. Well done! Have a good day :) Roz

Amy riberdy's picture

When I read this,it brought tears to my eyes. This is a great tribute. Kirk must have been very special. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Amy