Just Words

She sat thinking deep into the long night,

Wondering if she was suffering from fright,

Then she remember, she was told she was outta sight,

So she sat writing until the dawns early light.

Her words might not mean anything to you,

So if you don't like them well then sue,

'Cause to her your words just don't mean boo,

She might even ask, " And you are who"?

There are many that need to get a life,

Or maybe you just need to get a wife,

And then we would have no more strife,

In the distant she can just hear the fife.

Yeah, so she may use what you call forced rhyme,

But you can get over it with some thyme,

What she does for fun and laughs is no crime,

You should get out, catch a show or a mime.

She will be here when you get back,

They will post her poems in a stack,

Time and words are things she will never lack,

Her mind keeps on moving, even when she hits the sack.

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Toni Cox's picture

hi, renee i think your a great poet. keep writing, i know you will go far. i am probably younger than yourself, but i am inspired by your writings. this poem makes me think of this woman in her situation while i read this. thats good, because thats what poems are about.i have over 54 poems, i don't expect you to read them all, in fact i dont expect you to read any at all! but if you would like to then just simply click where it says my user ID and read them. keep it up, you will go far if you are not now. take care, Toni

Deborah Russell's picture

in your face...funny!

Dj's picture

I totally agree with your poem. Sometimes my brother makes fun of my poems even when i win something but i just tell it's the way i express my feelings. Again nice job on this one and thanks for your critiques on my poems. Keep it up. dj southwell

Linda's picture

This poem reminds me of some work by Maya Angelou ( famous poet) It has the smae rhythm and style. I enjoyed it.

Roz's picture

Hi Renee Yes, another good one again. Just mere words to someone else, but something so completely different to the author of those words. Poetry is written with feeling and I think that is the best way to do it. Keep up the good work. Have a good one Roz :)

Bern's picture

It might be just words to an onlooker Renee but to a poet they are the tools of his,her trade. Words are to be played with and you do that nicely Keep up the good work and a small suggestion try something humourous. There is much to be laughed at in this world of ours, Keep smiling. Bern

Mel's picture

Smilesz....keep writing, keep thinking, keep trying....tis best road to success... i wish u well...and always, i will be here for u Renee...as with all of your fellow postpoets frds here. Smilesz...have a nice day. Take care.