Misty rain falling on my face,

walking in the country at a slow leisurely pace.

My nephew Tyler saying "I love you Aunt Nee',

the smell of flowers in a nice bouquet.

The breath of a small little pup,

a sip of coffee from the mornings first cup.

The softness of a new borns derriere,

how my head feels after a fresh cut of my hair.

A slurpee brought home by the man of my dreams,

little children playing with their giggles and screams.

With no interruptions getting to read a great book,

sitting under a tree near a babbling brook.

These are things that make me feel good,

here is my list, now make one of your own, you should.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a few of the things that make me smile... hope that you have a list of your own....

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Deryn Bates's picture

this is a very happy poem, it cheered me up! iam off to write a list now..............!! deryn :O)

Meg Lee's picture

How did you make me smile? You always have the wisest things to say when I need to hear them. We love you! I made my list, and you were right, it helped!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Happy!! happy!! Joy!! joy!! this one is sweet, Renee' Yes, I have a list....it includes everyone around me smiling :) Stay happy~!

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Oh, I really enjoyed this one for sure! You do have such talent. You might just have put a challenge out there to all of us to write a list like this of our own. Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts. Cya and have a great day :) Roz

The Hook's picture

LOL.....Yes, Renee', and YOU are on it!!!! I enjoyed this cute little poem, and it made me feel good....thank you, my friend!!!! I'd list my "happy" thoughts for you, but then we'd have to move this to a more "adult" category!!!! LMAO...... Sorry...I promised you honesty!!!!

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

very nice and happy renee' good job! malc.

Edwin Robinette's picture

Very good!! I would have liked to have thought this one up myself! My kinda poem! Excellent!