Dont You Get It

I do not love you, not any more,

I told you that before I closed the door.

You never wanted to listen when I tried to talk.

Then when I was finished you wanted to stalk.

I don't know why you act the way you do.

I had to move to get away from you.

Packed up my things and got on a plane.

Had to before you drove me insane.

You sent me things in the US mail.

On my family and job I had to bail.

Talked with the cops, but they would do nothing.

At least until you got violent or something.

So to keep that from happening I got out of town.

Now you say you feel like you've been shot down.

You write me stupid poems of love and caring.

When we were together you wanted no part of sharing.

So you see I didn't know what else to do.

I just didn't need a drunk like you.

I knew you had problems and that was cool.

But then you started acting like a fool.

You were once my big burly biker dude.

Then you went nuts and started having a "TUDE"

You screamed at me and had such a fit.

Now it is over, "Don't you get it."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is just something that was in my head and would not go away.... maybe it will now

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Victoria Garcia's picture

good words felt like that before if couldn't tell by reading some of my poems

Meg's picture

Nee', I know that you went threw hell with this one, sorry that you had to make such a far away escape, but look at the great one that you have now. If he wouldn't have been in your life, your wouldn't have Bob. Love Ya'll.

Didi Menendez's picture

Just wanted to let you know that I came across this poem. Write on... d.

cevance's picture

dont worry, I understand

cevance's picture

Enjoyed this work a lot. I'll be back to read more.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Renee' This is one of your best pieces yet! these poems that you "just have running through your head" are by far the greatest!

vjochum's picture

Ok, this one actually hit a nerve and made me cry...not many things actually make me cry either...but you did it!!! I love this one the best, keep writing, because I am totally enjoying your work!!!!!

vjochum's picture

WOW,sorry you had to go down that road he was a real (looser) and probaly knowed it,if he didn't get that ? he will probally destroy himself= get what you give will smack him around unless he find's another to abuse, and then GOD will alway's get em most don't want to hear the cutting truth the best SWORD very honest-like- TIM (MANATEE)

vjochum's picture

I was shocked and sad on reading this poem. Alcohol and drinking is the worse thing tht can happen to a human being, Male or Female the drinker is always the looser. I am not an anti-alcoholic and I too have the occasional drink. Everything goes haywire in such a marriage first thing to go is the respect that one should have for his,her,partner. Beating and physical violence comes next trying to get away from the disgust of being so weak that one cannot say no to another drink seems to stir up the aggressive feelings that are inherant to all human beings. I liked this poem very much but sadness is present in every line. If this is based on your own experience then I congratulate you on moving on to live your life anew and with the wish that you may meet many friends that will compensate you for your past experiences. God Bless. bern

vjochum's picture

That was a good poem. Is it really true? It sounds like your past. Keep up the good work. Check my poems out at postpoems/members/pepe

vjochum's picture

This is a very good poem. The way things in my life are going right now, it's like you went inside my head to write that... I mean I just broke up with this guy who treated me really bad and he has friends stalk me now and he calls like every hour and begs me to come back. I really liked this poem. Please email me when you add more.

vjochum's picture

Hi Renee I really liked this one as well. Reminds me of a friend I had once. Fortunately, she was able to break away once and for all before it got to a bad stage. Cya Roz :)

vjochum's picture

Stalkers are insane...this guy sounds like a looser, its just too bad the innocent have to run away. Its good that you realized you could do better, too many women are like, "he's a drunk, but he's nice." not good! Hopefully it will go away forever - it being the big burly looser :)

vjochum's picture

Wow! the way u write the poem sure will outrage him nice and cool one!