She was blown away by all the whistles,

the cat yells, screams coming from the men.

How could she think that they were for her?

Believe me, she is not all that and a bag of chips.

She always thinks the men are after her.

I know that they are only laughing at her.

It breaks my heart to see her walk like that.

To dress the way she does, just to get attention.

The sad truth is that she could not get a man on a bet.

Unless it was a bet with a drunken pig.

Then is that the way someone should get a date?

Base a one time thing on a bet?

She thinks she is God's gift to all men,

men drop when she comes in a room,

dropping from the lack of oxygen to the brain.

From all the snickers and held back laughs.

They have created a monster that they feed with their comments.

I have to wonder about the thoughts in the minds of men like this.

Why would they treat another human with this much disrespect?

How would they feel if it was their sister,mother, or their own daughter?

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