The day was long and rainy,

My parts ran one every 20 minutes.

The only thing that got me through,

was my work mate, BIG JOHN.

When I put on a new part,

I can take time to chat.

So down to where BIG JOHN is

that's where my feet take me.

We talk of music and lyrics,

things that we like on TV.

We have some wild converstaions,

nothing that would get us in trouble.

He will walk past me,

just the mention of some little song.

Then for the next few hours

I find myself singing along.

We do this to pass time you see,

for the days can get mighty long.

Seems that when it is one of those days,

we just pass it will the talk of song.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just the way it is ..... and I love my job... and I work with some of the greatest men in the world.......

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