Big Brother

Ten people trying to live in a house,

No one knowing what to think,

Ten different lives, personalities,

And such, stress level getting higher.

People hurting each other just because,

They don't care about others feelings,

The tears start of flow and so it begins,

The tempers fly and so do hurtful words.

One person tries to help the one hurt,

Which makes things rough for the others,

No one knows what to think or say,

How will they make it through this?

Every two weeks someone has to leave,

Who will it be this time, the chick maybe,

At least that is the one I am hoping for,

She does what she can to upset everyone.

There are some that we really like,

Some that we just try to look over,

No matter what we might think of those,

In the end there will be just one.

So when everything is said and done,

And the show has reached its end,

There will be only one winner,

That one five hundred thousand richer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is just something alittle different from the way I usually write....about the Big Brother show on TV here right now.

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Rachelle Wiegand's picture

GO, Eddie!! Nice job to Josh, Curtis, and Jamie :) (We can't forget Miss Washington) LOL Had to add these thoughts, Renee' now that the series is over.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Renee' I know I have said this before, but you can write about anything! :) This is a good one! People are going absolutely ape-shit for these "reality" shows. You probably watched Survivor, eh? Great poem, Nee'.

Roz's picture

Hi Renee Yes, this poem is certainly different from the poetry you usually write. But still, very enjoyable to read. We have a couple of shows like this at the moment on air here in Australia. One is called "Survivors", can relate to how you take a liking to some and hope that one of them wins the game. Thanks for sharing Roz Have a good day :)

Molly Block's picture

Hi Renee', Cool poem! I did notice that it was differently written than your others. Caught on to that right away! I really don't watch this show, but I do dig the chick with the pink hair. I hope she is the one who gets the moolah! That would be a great victory!

Mel's picture

Erm...think i will need to see this TV show to know wat u re talking about..hehehe. BUt still, its a good attempt to make a poem of free verses...try more!!...will make ur works more varied, defintely!.. Smilesz...